Wednesday, January 6, 2010

first transfer

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From: Zachary Hill (
Sent: Wed 1/06/10 12:37 AM
hey ma
i really have no idea where my tassel is. it should just be somewhere in that closet.
i'm sorry i cant be more help. well, the part member family was doing well. they are
still really excited to see us.. but it turns out that i got transferred on monday,
so i'll have to leave their progress to my old companion. hopefully he'll still let
me know how they're doing. anyways, the place i'm in is called sibu jaya. it's a
pretty cool little town. i explained a little bit about it in the letter i sent to
dad, so you might just want to read his as well. anyways, speaking of that, hopefully
you didnt send any pictures to my address in kuching. if you did, i'll still be able
to get them, it'll just take longer. you can just send it to the singapore address
you have for me. this area is really sweet tho. there's just two of us, because it's
a brand new area. it's just a group, as opposed to a branch. my companion tells me
there's like 20 members or so living out here, so there's a lot of work to do. we're
hoping to make the work explode out here. i'm glad your christmas was great. the pic
you sent me is awesome. anyways, i'm sorry i didnt write this earlier, but we've
been cleaning up the new house that we had to move in up here. i'll talk to you next
week ma. love you.
love, elder hill

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From: Zachary Hill (

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Sent: Wed 1/06/10 12:25 AM
hey dad
i'm glad your life has been calmer. as for me, mine has been pretty crazy for the past
few days. so basically, i got transferred on monday. still in sarawak, but now i'm in
a city called sibu. i had to take a bus from kuching which was like 7 hours. so i got
to sibu and met my companion and saw a few guys i knew from the mtc. i stayed at their
house for a few days and just today we finally moved out to our area, which is in a
place called sibu jaya, like 40 min away from the city of sibu. they were still
negotiating the contract for the house when i got here, because we're opening up a
new area. we don't even have a church building yet! it's pretty much the coolest
thing ever. so we spent most of the day cleaning the house, because the people who
lived there left it in a pretty big mess. but sibu jaya is awesome. the only
investigators we have are from the little contacting we did yesterday, so it's
pretty crazy. i'm sorry if this is really jumpy. it's really hard to describe things
over email, but i'm really excited to have this experience. the city is isolated
enough, that i'm pretty sure almost no white people go here. so everyone that sees
us just stares, and is so surprised when we can speak malay. we have a thing this
weekend called mission tour, so all the elders in sibu and kuching get to meet
together and hear from a general authority. i'm looking forward to that. and then
next tuesday i'll be in singapore for a few days for a visa run. but things are
going so well. we got a ton of referrals from the people that my companion used to
teach in the city of sibu, so that's who we'll start out with in trying to teach.
the people here are really receptive so far, and i hope that doesnt change. it's a
little sad to not see any of the members and investigators i got to know any more,
but i really have high hopes for life here in sibu. i'm still a little unsure about
what else is going on because i havent really worked too much in sibu jaya yet, but
i will hopefully have lots to say next week. life on the mission is good. i'm glad
life is still good at home. keep those french students on their toes. ive already
lost much of my french unfortunately, so tell them that if they dont use it, they'll
lose it! haha. anyways, it's really good to hear from you dad. i'll talk to you next
love, elder hill

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