Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Journey to the Jungle

hey mom.

it's cool that you got home safely. well, as for me, my week has been going ok. we've been having some problems with our investigators which are not yet resolved. so, i dont really wish to address it. makes me stressed out. needless to say, no baptisms this week. i'll let you know if any progress is made.

roy is still doing well. we're working with him to stop smoking. he said he won't be smoking any today, so we're hopeful. he also has been coming to church and is looking good with his progress.

we also rode forever away to visit a member who lives out in the jungle. he works in an oil palm plantation. we didnt know where he lived, so we just rode out in the direction it was and kept calling him trying to figure out where his place was. his response every time was "it's much further. so after our journey lasted 1.5 hrs, we figured we mustve gone too far. our phone didnt have any service at that point. was it stupid of us to keep going that far? yes. but.. it was an epic journey. a journey so epic, it depleted all the water in our bodies. luckily, we happened to pass a construction site out in the middle of no where, near to which there was a makeshift store that happened to sell water. so we sat in the shade and drank some water, completely soaked by our sweat and prettty tired (my bike is a piece of junk by the way) and miraculously the member we were trying to visit found us at the store. he said he was scared for us and went to look for us. when he saw the store he said he figured we were there getting water, so he came and found us. he was able to show us where he lived, which was another 40 minute bike ride in the opposite direction. we met with his daughter who is around 20 y/o or so and somehow never got baptized because her heart wasnt "open" yet. when we went there, she was really good and also came to church, so hopefully we can unify that family. the day was so hot that my skin got burned pretty bad. and then on the way home, it started to rain so we got soaked. pretty crazy day, but things seemed to go ok.

well, that's all i have to say about my week. hopefully next week goes better. we'll see. anyways, take care. have fun. talk to you next week.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

it's official

June 13, 2011

Dear Parents,

Your missionary will be released from his mission on Wednesday, July 27th. The Church travel office has made flight arrangements for your missionary to travel home on this date. Please review the itinerary shown below and make sure the name of your missionary is spelled correctly and that we are flying your missionary into the airport that is closest to your home. If you have any questions about this itinerary or would like us to make any changes, please contact us at the mission office at xxx-xxx-xxxx or call the Church travel office at xxx-xxx-xxxx .
Flight number and times may change by the time your missionary travels. A current view of your missionary’s flight plans is available on the website: www.checkmytrip.com . The website will ask for the reservation number which is located on this itinerary on the line above the flight information and below the missionary’s name. It is also recommended that you contact the airlines the day of travel to find out if any changes have occurred on the flights your missionary is scheduled to be on.
We appreciate you taking the time to review this itinerary and letting us know immediately of any changes we need to make.

Sister Garrett
Singapore Mission Secretary

Thursday, June 2, 2011

pix, again!

hey mom.

i just sent dad a bunch of pictures. right now i'm sitting next to the coolest member in sungai plan, wong. he wants to know if you eaten already? what's the news? well, since pictures are like a 1000 words, i hope what i sent to dad is enough for the week, because i spent too much time looking at pictures and now everyone else in my zone is leaving me, so i gotta go. i'm sorry :'(. anyways, gota run. the week was fun. ate a ton because of gawai, but didnt have any investigators at church because everyone went back to kampung. take care mom. love you and dad. talk to you next week!!!

love, elder hill

1. the pic of rabong's family when we made them enchiladas.
2. me and the neighborhood goat
3. me and my iban girlfriend. selamat hari gawai!
4. my plate after dinner at rabong's house
5. all of us at dinner
6. me making tortillas
7. more tortillas

1. me and a member with fish strip mustaches
2. me cooking the enchilidas
3. cheese!
4. more enchiladas
5. rabong's cute little girl. all iban kids sleep in those funny hangy things
6. me and the coolest dude ever, wong. and of course the lady we call "mak"
7. me and mak again along with another lady that i dont know, because she's from the other branch. but we ate at her house anyway because it was gawai! yay