Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Zac is home

So, we drove to the airport and picked him up. He is in that phase between driven servant of the Lord and "I don't even know what to do with myself." We are very happy to see him, however.

Zac's itinerary

June 13, 2011

Dear Parents,

Your missionary will be released from his mission on Wednesday, July 27th. The Church travel office has made flight arrangements for your missionary to travel home on this date. Please review the itinerary shown below and make sure the name of your missionary is spelled correctly and that we are flying your missionary into the airport that is closest to your home. If you have any questions about this itinerary or would like us to make any changes, please contact us at the mission office at xxx xxxx-xxxx or call the Church travel office at xxx-xxx-xxxx.
Flight number and times may change by the time your missionary travels. A current view of your missionary’s flight plans is available on the website: . The website will ask for the reservation number which is located on this itinerary on the line above the flight information and below the missionary’s name. It is also recommended that you contact the airlines the day of travel to find out if any changes have occurred on the flights your missionary is scheduled to be on.
We appreciate you taking the time to review this itinerary and letting us know immediately of any changes we need to make.

Sister Garrett
Singapore Mission Secretary

From: Sara McBride
Sent: Saturday, June 11, 2011 1:20 AM
To: Singapore Mission;
Subject: Return Travel Itinerary For HILL/ZACHARY ROYDEN - 27Jul - 2PS2G4



FAX : xxx-xxx-xxxx


_____________________ _____ ______________ ______________ _______ ______




ETKT:DL/006 8640562298

SARA M - EXT 25146
PH xxx xx-xxxx-xxxx OFFICE xxx xx-xxxx-xxxx HOME
MISSIONARY TRAVEL (xxx) xxx-xxxx OR (xxx) xxx-xxxx
EMPLOYEE TRAVEL (xxx) xxx-xxxx OR (xxx) xxx-xxxx
GENERAL AUTHORITY TRAVEL (xxx)xxx-xxxx OR (xxx)xxx-xxxx

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Elder Hill‏

We sent Elder Hill off yesterday on the airplane for Singapore. He will have a few days there before he heads home across the big water. We will miss him here in Bintulu. He is a fine young man and a great Elder and missionary. He did some very good things here as he taught and baptized the folks here in East Malaysia. Their lives will never be the same because of him. We have enjoyed working with him very much. You can be very proud of him and his work and sacrifice in being here. What a blessing he has been to us, the folks here, you as his family, and to his Father in Heaven whose work he has been diligently doing. We wish him the best in life. I am sure he will be successful in all he does. He learned some good things on the mission which I am sure he will share.

Sincerely, Sister Orien

Thank you very much sister Orien, We are looking very much to seeing Zac on Wednesday. Thank you very much for looking after him while he served the Lord.

Bro & Sis Hill

Bro. Hill,

You got the photo already? Email is amazing!

Elder Hill and I made some great memories when we took a big time tumble on the gliding walk way in Singapore when he was on his way to Bintulu. You can ask him about it. It was hilarious but could have been disastrous.

Elder Hill is a real gentleman. I love that about him. You did good in raising him. I hope we meet up in the future.

Sister Orien

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

last letter

hey mom

so yeah this week was pretty good. things are going well. rabong and lenny got baptized sunday morning which was pretty sweet. we were afraid it wasnt going to happen because saturday night he suddenly wasn't sure if he could get work off or not. and then sunday morning it was time for the baptism to start and he wasnt there, nor was he answering his phone. so that was pretty intense. but he came and got baptized and now that family is complete in membership of the church. it feels pretty good to see. unfortunately i will see them get baptized only and then leave, but i guess what can you do. i already had my last sunday at church. this upcoming sunday i fly into singapore, where i'll wait a few days until i go home.

luckily things look good for the baptism this saturday. already got interviewed and is really good. her name is catherine. she is a daughter of a member who is around 20 years old but until now never wanted to go to church. i dont know exactly what happened, but now she seems really good. her husband is working far away so we havent met him yet. hopefully sometime in the future they'll be able to teach the husband too. but that's the last of my work here. we've been going around getting some refferals, so there are some people that look like they could be baptized in the future. some people that seem really good. too bad i wont be around for most of their teaching.

there's this one family we contacted this week. they are relatives of a member. themother of the family is the member's sister in law. she is really concerned about her children making poor choices and that they have smoking and drinking problems at relatively young ages. so we went to the house for the second time two days ago, and one of the sons she is particularly concerned about was there. we seemed to have a good lesson with him about who jesus christ was and why it is important for us to follow him. whenever we asked questions, the kid (who is around 18) would pause for quite a long time and then answer. it really seemed like he was thinking introspectively and giving good thought to what we were saying, so it was nice. they also said this sunday they would go to church, so we'll see how that goes. i hope the best for them.

there are other families too, but we've only met them once, so not much to talk about.

anyways, no worries about the recipes. i have the email of the members who wanted recipes. i guess i can go home and see what we have and email them something later. well, not much else to say. this time next week i'll be on my way home. i guess i'll let you know what's been going on then. love you mom. take care.

love, zac

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


hey dad

thanks for the pics. i'm so sorry i forgot to wish you a happy birthday last week.. so happy birthday! hope you had a good one. how'd you celebrate it?

anyways, this week was pretty cool. jenny kenny and ronaldo got baptized. it was pretty stressful, but way awesome. i'll just explain their story and show you pics of them when i get home. i dont mean to be trunky or anything, but emailing is no good. anyways, rabong and lenny are looking good to be baptized this sunday. and a girl we are teaching, catherine who is the 20 y/o daughter of a member should be baptized next week. that looks like that will be all for me. our pool is looking a little low. we've been doing some contacting. not too much success, but things are still looking good. hopefully within the next little bit we'll be able to meet some good people.

so today was pretty fun. we visited some pretty big caves here in sarawak called niah caves. if you want to learn more about the caves, visit wikipedia. anyways, our zone just looked around and climbed to the top of every peak we could and found little caves and climbed through bat poop. it was pretty good. got some good pictures, but i think i'll also show those to you when i get home.

well, sorry. dont have much more to say. things are fun and going well. talk to you next week. love you dad.

love, zac

hey mom.

i kind of gave an update on things to dad, so if you want to know about the area, yo ucan read the email i sent to him. pretty little news. anyways, i had a few questions..

did bishop childs mention a subject he wanted me to give a talk on?

also, can you send a few american recipes from home? i dont know exactly what, but some members have been asking for some recipes. something with chicken and that has fairly simple ingredients. also if you have any recipes for dessert? maybe a cake like thing.. brownies or something. if you could send those recipes that would be sweet.

so speaking of recipes from malaysia, i've been talking to a member family who will hopefully give me a few different recipes. curry, rendang, and maybe fried rice. could be delicious. we'll see.

news about investigators: jenny kenny ronaldo baptized. rabong lenny for baptism this week.

anyways, out of time, talk to you next week. have a good week. love you mom.

love, zac

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a chat with mom

tuesday, july 05, 2011
7:48 PM
quilting queen 7:48 PM
is that you zac?
It's Mom
I forgot to write you
zac 7:50 PM
hey mom
no problem
how's it going?
quilting queen 7:51 PM
it's great
we had a fun 4th of July
zac 7:51 PM
that's cool
quilting queen 7:51 PM
I was going to send pics
zac 7:51 PM

i spent mine without seeing another american
quilting queen 7:52 PM
Jake and fam and nano and fam were here
we barbecued
zac 7:52 PM
was it delicious?
quilting queen 7:52 PM
the babies are getting big
Izzy is almost walking
The food was GREAT
dda cooked his dutch oven potatoes
I discovered I had forgotten to put yeast in the rolls when I went to take the dough out of the bread machine
zac 7:54 PM
oh no!
quilting queen 7:54 PM
that was lame
so I had to go buy rolls
zac 7:55 PM
aw man
quilting queen 7:55 PM
we had teriyaki chicken
we barbecued corn on the cob too
zac 7:55 PM
i hope there's a meal like that coming my way when i get back

quilting queen 7:55 PM
of course
zac 7:56 PM
quilting queen 7:56 PM
do you have your itinerary?
I want to be able to go to the airport
zac 7:57 PM
well, the ofice sent it to dad i believe
quilting queen 7:57 PM
Izzy's birthday party is on the 31ts
zac 7:57 PM
i get into vegas around 1pm or so
on 27 july
quilting queen 7:58 PM
you can go to Izzy's b-day party
I wonder if you'll be speaking at church?
zac 7:58 PM
quilting queen 7:59 PM
zac 7:59 PM
i hope they'll let me know more than a day before hand
quilting queen 7:59 PM
you should be prepared just in case
zac 7:59 PM
well i do have a very long flight home
quilting queen 7:59 PM
dad can ask the Bishop
zac 7:59 PM
i dont know what else ill do besides study the gospel
quilting queen 7:59 PM
that will give you a wek LOL
zac 8:00 PM
maybe i can just not speak
quilting queen 8:00 PM
I doubt that will happen
I guess the John Mills and The Anderson boy both spoke on the same Sunday
zac 8:01 PM
quilting queen 8:01 PM
john coming home and Kenyon going out
I missed it
I was on the way to Georgia
zac 8:02 PM
oh too bad
quilting queen 8:02 PM
zac 8:02 PM
but i guess you had fun too yeah?
quilting queen 8:02 PM
I got to see Jared though
zac 8:02 PM
do you know when taylin is coming home
quilting queen 8:03 PM
I don't know
zac 8:03 PM
oh well
how is jared doing?
quilting queen 8:03 PM
He's busy
zac 8:03 PM
with what?
quilting queen 8:03 PM
they are doing ok though
they bought a house
It's pretty nice
zac 8:03 PM
where are they living now?
quilting queen 8:04 PM
Eagle Mountain
They just move closer to the mountains than they did
zac 8:05 PM
maybe i'll be able to visit him while i'm up at byu
quilting queen 8:05 PM
same general area
I'm sure you will
zac 8:05 PM
what does he do for work?
quilting queen 8:05 PM
it takes about 45 min to get to his house though
he still works at the boys ranch
he bought a motorcycle
zac 8:06 PM
quilting queen 8:06 PM
zac 8:07 PM
maybe i'll buy one too when i get financially stable
then he and i can make a bike gang
quilting queen 8:07 PM
we played a lot of games
they like to play games
I can't see the two of you being a bike gang
zac 8:08 PM
you dont think i'm hard core enough?
quilting queen 8:08 PM
I've never seen you ride anything but a bicycle
zac 8:09 PM
but i sure looked tough on that bibyble
quilting queen 8:09 PM
you ride a mean bicycle though
zac 8:09 PM
quilting queen 8:09 PM
zac 8:09 PM
yeah thanks for the encouragement mom
i know i'll feel better when io talk to you
quilting queen 8:10 PM
I couldn't believe how fast you could go
zac 8:10 PM
these little chicken legs of mine are tough
quilting queen 8:10 PM
did you smoke your comps?
zac 8:10 PM
well, for most of my mission
but when i was in johor, my bike got stolen
quilting queen 8:11 PM
that's too bad
zac 8:11 PM
so when i came to bintulu i had to inherit a dying elders bicycle
quilting queen 8:11 PM
you didn't get soft did you?
zac 8:11 PM
which was basically pulled out of the trash can
quilting queen 8:11 PM
zac 8:12 PM
the bike frame is like 3 inches too smal so i look like a clown
quilting queen 8:12 PM
zac 8:12 PM
and everything is falling apart
quilting queen 8:12 PM
does it still go?
zac 8:12 PM
i'm just praying it will last me for 3 more weeks
it still goes
quilting queen 8:12 PM
zac 8:12 PM
but only at like 2 mph
but it's all good
i dont mind really
quilting queen 8:13 PM
you have a good one here
zac 8:13 PM
i just take life at a nice relaxed pace
i'm pretty stressed for school tho
quilting queen 8:14 PM
I understand but don't stress
zac 8:14 PM
and then the prophet is telling me to get married
quilting queen 8:15 PM
he didn't say right away
zac 8:15 PM
yeah i know
i was just kidding
quilting queen 8:16 PM
although..... when those girls catch sight of you they might not be able to keep their hands off you
zac 8:16 PM
well, you have to remember i have fast little legs
quilting queen 8:17 PM
zac 8:17 PM
hey i have a question
quilting queen 8:17 PM
zac 8:17 PM
after dad graduated with his bachelor's degree, did he go straight into graduate school?
quilting queen 8:17 PM
pretty much
I think he took a semester off
zac 8:18 PM
i think i want to get a master's in engineering
quilting queen 8:18 PM
dad says he didn't take any time off
that's great!
zac 8:18 PM
did he get both his bachelor's and master's from byu?
quilting queen 8:18 PM
hopefully you can remember the math
zac 8:19 PM
well i have a month to prepare
quilting queen 8:19 PM
he had to change majors though
zac 8:19 PM
i'm confident
quilting queen 8:19 PM
they wouldn't let him get both on the same major
zac 8:19 PM
i see
quilting queen 8:20 PM
you have to change schools
zac 8:20 PM
i just look at other schools and they seem pretty expensive
quilting queen 8:20 PM
I don't know if it is still the same though
you can look into it when you get home
zac 8:21 PM
i imagine it is still like that
how did dad pay for school?
quilting queen 8:21 PM
he couldn't get grants for his masters degree
zac 8:22 PM
i see
quilting queen 8:22 PM
you can get scholarships though
zac 8:22 PM
i hope so
i hope to not have to get into too much debt for my undergraduate degree
i'm hoping to be able to work at the mtc
quilting queen 8:23 PM
you should be able to get the fasfa for your undergraduate degree
zac 8:24 PM
well, i filled out the fafsa aplication
quilting queen 8:24 PM
I'm having a brain fart
zac 8:24 PM
but for my age right now i am still technically dependant on you and dad
and since i am the only dependant, they wouldnt give any aid
i qualified for a loan for my first semester back, which i have to take to go to school
since byu doesnt offer scholarships to transfer students
so hopefully next semester i'll be able to try to get some scholarships
and maybe in a few years get government aid
quilting queen 8:26 PM
zac 8:27 PM
every p day my mind just thinks and thinks about school
it's crazy
quilting queen 8:27 PM
how are your investigators?
zac 8:27 PM
doing ok
quilting queen 8:28 PM
are you going to be able to have any baptisms before you go home?
zac 8:28 PM
well, i hope so
but you can't always predict some things..
we have 7 people that could be baptized before i go home
as long as they get their act together and just get baptized!
quilting queen 8:29 PM
that's cool
hopefully it will happen
zac 8:29 PM
we've got two people on date for my last saturday in malaysia
and maybe two for this week if the guy can get off work and come to church this sunday to be confirmed
quilting queen 8:30 PM
that's cool
zac 8:30 PM
and possibly 3 next week
but it's all just possibilities
quilting queen 8:31 PM
zac 8:31 PM
we'll try as hard as we can
quilting queen 8:31 PM
it's hot here
zac 8:31 PM
quilting queen 8:31 PM
but relatively dry
it's a little humid
zac 8:31 PM
i imagine it is very dry
quilting queen 8:32 PM
there have been clouds and therewere thunder showers on the East side of town on Sunday night
zac 8:32 PM
quilting queen 8:32 PM
it will feel dry to you though
zac 8:33 PM
i hope my skin doesnt just all fall off
quilting queen 8:33 PM
there are clouds today and when I left work it was spitting a little
you can use lotion
zac 8:34 PM
yesterday we got poured on
for a few hours
quilting queen 8:34 PM
I wish we would
zac 8:34 PM
i dont think vegas could handle it
quilting queen 8:34 PM
Adrienne says she gets poured on a lot
I remember rain every afternoon and she says it stil does
I don't think we could either
there would be flooding everywhere
zac 8:35 PM
i remember riding my bike
and the whole way to school, the road was just a big river
quilting queen 8:36 PM
zac 8:36 PM
and it didnt even rain that much
so what's the temperature looking like?
quilting queen 8:36 PM
I remember going to Aunt Betty's one night and having the road be a big river
it was really stressful
today it's cooler
only 91 to 95 today
zac 8:37 PM
not too bad
quilting queen 8:37 PM
I'm sure it will get a lot warmere though
it was up to 110 last week
zac 8:38 PM
aw man
i'm heading into the furnace
quilting queen 8:38 PM
a cold front came through
zac 8:38 PM
quilting queen 8:39 PM
not like a cold front for Nyssa though
zac 8:39 PM
yeah haha
i'm so glad i didnt get
called to hoth
quilting queen 8:39 PM
she's not going to be able to handle the heat anymore
good thing she comes home in November
zac 8:40 PM
hot places are way better
i think i will die in utha
quilting queen 8:41 PM
you just have to dress warmer
zac 8:42 PM
i dont even own a coat
quilting queen 8:42 PM
you'll have to get one
Nyssa did
zac 8:42 PM

quilting queen 8:43 PM
you'll need to get one up there though
zac 8:43 PM
can you believe my two year mark was last week?
quilting queen 8:43 PM
we noted that
people at church are asking when you are coming home
zac 8:44 PM
27 july
quilting queen 8:46 PM
that's what we told them
zac 8:46 PM
most of the people from my mtc group are flying straight to salt lake
from japan
quilting queen 8:46 PM
they live in Utah?
zac 8:46 PM
yeah there were only four out of 16 not from utah
quilting queen 8:46 PM
zac 8:46 PM
one is wyoming, one is idaho, one ohio and then me
quilting queen 8:46 PM
why are they flying from Japan?
zac 8:47 PM
our flight from singapore takes us through japan
so we all fly together to japan
and then get on separate planes to cross the pacific
quilting queen 8:47 PM
and then you fly here
zac 8:47 PM
quilting queen 8:48 PM
I'll bet the guys from Idaho and Wyoming had never heard of Singapore
zac 8:48 PM
probably not
i think it's crazy that i never served once in singapore
quilting queen 8:49 PM
zac 8:49 PM
almost all my mission was in one malaysian state
and then 2.5 months in johor
but hey cool news
the branch in johor is splitting
quilting queen 8:49 PM
I guess that was where you were supposed to go
how is the ward in Sarawak/
zac 8:51 PM
well, it's doing ok
a lot fo youth
quilting queen 8:51 PM
well... that's good
zac 8:51 PM
mostly teenage girls
quilting queen 8:52 PM
zac 8:53 PM
so the future as of now is a little bleak
we need to get good young men
to be future leaders
and the husbands of these girls
quilting queen 8:53 PM
that's too bad
zac 8:53 PM
i dont know what that ohh was about, but rest assured i'm marrying an american
quilting queen 8:54 PM
that wasn't what I meant
zac 8:54 PM
sorry if i'm defensive
quilting queen 8:54 PM
that's ok
zac 8:54 PM
all the ibans here tell me to marry an iban
quilting queen 8:54 PM
zac 8:55 PM
bintulu is a good place tho
lots of freindly members
quilting queen 8:55 PM
the oh was more like I see
it 's too bad that it's so far away
you probably won't ever be able to go back unless you make a lot of money for the trip
That would be cool if we could visit with you
zac 8:58 PM
yeah that would be awesome
maybe someday if i get rich
quilting queen 8:58 PM
as long as I didn't see any big bugs or spiders
Adrienne has already had a run in with a big wolf spider
zac 8:59 PM
oh no
if you came here, you prbably wouldnt see anything
that happens when you live here
quilting queen 8:59 PM
that's one reason why I hated living there
the bugs don't like tourists huh?
zac 9:01 PM
well, they are a little shy
maybe it's the white skin
quilting queen 9:01 PM
zac 9:02 PM
i have no idea how much a plane ticket would cost to get here
quilting queen 9:02 PM
probably a lot
I should research it
zac 9:03 PM
i hear
that there is like an internship thing at byu
for return missionaries to go back to the country they served in
to teach people about how to get a job
quilting queen 9:05 PM
that's cool
zac 9:05 PM
the only thing is you have to pay for airfare
it would be cool, but i dont know if i could do it
quilting queen 9:05 PM
I need to get your room ready
take out the baby stuff
zac 9:08 PM
there's baby stuff in my room?
quilting queen 9:09 PM
Nyssa made your desk up as a changing table and there are toys in there
she hung up a Noah's Ark wallhanging
zac 9:09 PM
well, i dont mind sleeping on the couch
quilting queen 9:09 PM
your bed is still there
and your stuffin the closet
zac 9:10 PM
i'll only be there a few weeks
so no need to move a lot of stuff around
quilting queen 9:10 PM
the bookcase with games was in yourv room but we took it out
I won't be moving much stuff
zac 9:11 PM
i still cant believe my mssion is almost over
it seems so soon
quilting queen 9:11 PM
it sure went fast
zac 9:12 PM
i feel a little nervous to continue with life
i feel really comfortable with missionary work now
quilting queen 9:13 PM
all missionaries feel like that
zac 9:14 PM
how do you guys feel now that all your kids are moved out?
quilting queen 9:14 PM
zac 9:14 PM
quilting queen 9:15 PM
I'd rather have a few people around
zac 9:15 PM
but jake and nano still live close by
quilting queen 9:15 PM
they are busy and don't come over a lot
I do babysit Sara on Mondays and Fridays
it's pretty fun
zac 9:16 PM
that's good
how is she doing?
quilting queen 9:16 PM
she's doing great
she's so cute
I was going to send a pic
I took pics of the 3 girls in their July 4th dresses
they are all pretty cute
zac 9:18 PM
quilting queen 9:18 PM
Sara looks like Nano and Izzy looks like Jake
Izzy has HUGE blue eyes
zac 9:19 PM
i wonder if they'll look different later
quilting queen 9:19 PM
zac 9:20 PM
i feel like kids look more like the dads early on
quilting queen 9:20 PM
kids change a lot
look at you?
zac 9:20 PM
yeah nobdy thinks i look like either of you
quilting queen 9:21 PM
you look like dad
zac 9:21 PM
do i?
i havent seen a picture of him when he was younger for a long time
quilting queen 9:21 PM
actually you look Reed
not as much as Jake though
dad looks a lot like grandma Naida
zac 9:22 PM
well i didnt know reed was this handsome before

quilting queen 9:22 PM
zac 9:23 PM
i wonder if girls in america will think im handsome
quilting queen 9:23 PM
so what are your plans for today?
Desiree sure did
zac 9:24 PM
did she huh?
well, we'll see what she thinks after she's seen what malaysia has done to me
quilting queen 9:25 PM
what has it done to you?
zac 9:26 PM
well malaysia is a rough place
it just thrashes things
like my face
quilting queen 9:26 PM
zac 9:26 PM
anyways, today hopefully we'll have two people interviewed for baptism
quilting queen 9:27 PM
I thought today was P day
zac 9:27 PM
it is
quilting queen 9:28 PM
you interview people on P day?
zac 9:30 PM
we go out at night on pday
quilting queen 9:30 PM
what are you doing before?
zac 9:32 PM
we are just relaxing today basically
buying groceries
emailing you guys
quilting queen 9:32 PM
zac 9:32 PM
maybe next week we'll go explore some caves
quilting queen 9:32 PM
zac 9:32 PM
i'l get some pics
but mom i gotta go
i love you lots
talk to you next week
quilting queen 9:32 PM
love you too
zac 9:33 PM
have a good week
quilting queen 9:33 PM
zac 9:33 PM
quilting queen 9:33 PM
you too

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Journey to the Jungle

hey mom.

it's cool that you got home safely. well, as for me, my week has been going ok. we've been having some problems with our investigators which are not yet resolved. so, i dont really wish to address it. makes me stressed out. needless to say, no baptisms this week. i'll let you know if any progress is made.

roy is still doing well. we're working with him to stop smoking. he said he won't be smoking any today, so we're hopeful. he also has been coming to church and is looking good with his progress.

we also rode forever away to visit a member who lives out in the jungle. he works in an oil palm plantation. we didnt know where he lived, so we just rode out in the direction it was and kept calling him trying to figure out where his place was. his response every time was "it's much further. so after our journey lasted 1.5 hrs, we figured we mustve gone too far. our phone didnt have any service at that point. was it stupid of us to keep going that far? yes. but.. it was an epic journey. a journey so epic, it depleted all the water in our bodies. luckily, we happened to pass a construction site out in the middle of no where, near to which there was a makeshift store that happened to sell water. so we sat in the shade and drank some water, completely soaked by our sweat and prettty tired (my bike is a piece of junk by the way) and miraculously the member we were trying to visit found us at the store. he said he was scared for us and went to look for us. when he saw the store he said he figured we were there getting water, so he came and found us. he was able to show us where he lived, which was another 40 minute bike ride in the opposite direction. we met with his daughter who is around 20 y/o or so and somehow never got baptized because her heart wasnt "open" yet. when we went there, she was really good and also came to church, so hopefully we can unify that family. the day was so hot that my skin got burned pretty bad. and then on the way home, it started to rain so we got soaked. pretty crazy day, but things seemed to go ok.

well, that's all i have to say about my week. hopefully next week goes better. we'll see. anyways, take care. have fun. talk to you next week.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

it's official

June 13, 2011

Dear Parents,

Your missionary will be released from his mission on Wednesday, July 27th. The Church travel office has made flight arrangements for your missionary to travel home on this date. Please review the itinerary shown below and make sure the name of your missionary is spelled correctly and that we are flying your missionary into the airport that is closest to your home. If you have any questions about this itinerary or would like us to make any changes, please contact us at the mission office at xxx-xxx-xxxx or call the Church travel office at xxx-xxx-xxxx .
Flight number and times may change by the time your missionary travels. A current view of your missionary’s flight plans is available on the website: . The website will ask for the reservation number which is located on this itinerary on the line above the flight information and below the missionary’s name. It is also recommended that you contact the airlines the day of travel to find out if any changes have occurred on the flights your missionary is scheduled to be on.
We appreciate you taking the time to review this itinerary and letting us know immediately of any changes we need to make.

Sister Garrett
Singapore Mission Secretary

Thursday, June 2, 2011

pix, again!

hey mom.

i just sent dad a bunch of pictures. right now i'm sitting next to the coolest member in sungai plan, wong. he wants to know if you eaten already? what's the news? well, since pictures are like a 1000 words, i hope what i sent to dad is enough for the week, because i spent too much time looking at pictures and now everyone else in my zone is leaving me, so i gotta go. i'm sorry :'(. anyways, gota run. the week was fun. ate a ton because of gawai, but didnt have any investigators at church because everyone went back to kampung. take care mom. love you and dad. talk to you next week!!!

love, elder hill

1. the pic of rabong's family when we made them enchiladas.
2. me and the neighborhood goat
3. me and my iban girlfriend. selamat hari gawai!
4. my plate after dinner at rabong's house
5. all of us at dinner
6. me making tortillas
7. more tortillas

1. me and a member with fish strip mustaches
2. me cooking the enchilidas
3. cheese!
4. more enchiladas
5. rabong's cute little girl. all iban kids sleep in those funny hangy things
6. me and the coolest dude ever, wong. and of course the lady we call "mak"
7. me and mak again along with another lady that i dont know, because she's from the other branch. but we ate at her house anyway because it was gawai! yay

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


holy moley i can't believe richard is home already. congrats richard.

i guess i'll try to shoot him off an email and see how.

anyways, my week has been going well. i've got a good amount of pictures to send even, but the elder in our zone that has the memory card reader is in another part of bintulu today, so we didnt get to meet up with him. woops. i guess there's always next week. we got some good pictures from making dinner for some of our investigators. we made enchiladas. pretty delicious too. our investigators seemed to have fun, and we even had a pretty good turn out at church, even with the rain. well, the members didnt show up really, but our investigators did. i'm pretty sure i've told you about the people we're working with already. rabong's family and jeffery's family. they are both doing well, and hopefully next month can be baptized. unfortunately, next week is a holiday called gawai, the iban harvest festival, so everyone pretty much is going back to kampung, or their home town basically, which is pretty tough for missionary work. we'll see how it goes. but the work keeps going.

i dont know, i dont really have much else to say. life is good and going well. anyways, love you guys. talk to you next week.

love, zac
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

love you

hey mom. yeah i got pictures of sara. pretty crazy how much she looks like nate. poor thing. hopefully she grows out of it. heehee. anyways, hopefully everything keeps going well. i'm glad you guys are having a cold front. i hope it lasts until i get home. not to be trunky or anything. speaking of the word trunky, i never heard it before the mission, but now that i'm out, it seems everyone else has heard it. dad used it in an email to me. maybe i was sleeping under a rock. anyways...

the area is doing really well,. i'm so pumped for missionary work. we just had an awesome zone conference in miri. that was fun. got to see the town a bit. this last sunday, we had rabong and lenny, kenny and jenny come to church. (i sent some pics to dad) they seemed to enjoy it and they seem really good as investigators. they invited us over for dinner tonight and we are cooking for them on saturday. rabong also volunteered to help me teach a dance for the branch party in june. pretty sweet. we have lots of fun when we go over there, and it's seems like they are making good progress. hopefully we'll put them on date for baptism tonight and maybe next month they will be baptized.

we found another family through referral. the man is named jeffery. i think i talked about him last time. they didnt come to church this sunday because they were visiting a relative in the hospital, but they seem way good. the man really wants his family to learn about the churhc, and he told us this sunday he will definitely bring his family to church.

on monday we went around looking for some less actives with the senior couple. that was pretty fun. hopefully we will get some new investigators out of it and bring some less actives back too. that's where the album came from that i forwarded to you guys, entitled 'teaching in hock peng.'

we've got a few other straggling investigators here and there. i'll tell you more about them when they progress more. i'm having a blast here in bintulu, even tho it's pretty darn hot all the time. the people here are awesome. the food is delicious. and we're teaching a lot of people about jesus christ, so that's enough for me. anyways, i think i'm gonna make a move. talk to you guys later. have a good week.

love, zac

1. former kuching zone members, reunited again at miri zone conference!
2. me and my mtc companion, finishing our missions together in the bintulu zone
3. more of my family tree. elder jefferies my uncle, elder mccormies my brother, elder ang my nephew, and me. now all of us except mccormies live in the same house in bintulu
4. the former johor elders. we were hard core.
5. me in kuching back in the day admiring a well cared for orchard
6. a really cute girl from the branch and her mom

1. we found a cotton candy stand! wee!
2. i guess as part of the process of purifying palm oil, they have to have the huge smoke stacks with even bigger flames shooting out of the top.
3. the fire lights up the night sky!
4. the miri chapel
5. me working hard during language study, courtesy of elder ang
6. us celebrating the departure of one of the branch's youth for malaysia's national service. don't worry, she'll be back in 3 months
7. ritchie (a recent convert of the previous elders) and rabong and kenny, his sons in law. we finally got them to come to church last week!

Friday, May 13, 2011

more pix

1. me thomas and peterson in from of the "more singapore city" section
2. across one of those sound bowl thingies. we intercepted a conversation between two chinese women, and the reception was crystal clear!
3. me and the plaque for america
4. andrew's baptism my first week in bintulu! he's a stud, and the guy baptizing him, wong, is also a stud.
5. who said you couldn't build the roof first?
6. those poor cats have no idea what they're in for. life in malaysia is rough.

mor pics

1. me cutting my own birthday cake (courtesy of a woman we just call "mom")
2. my impressive story telling skills captivates my audience
3. so much pizza, only one short lunch hour (my birthday lunch)
4. "Excuse me, miss. There seems to be a mistake. I believe I ordered the 'large'. Hello!"
5. the beautiful ocean of bintulu. i've never lived so close to the ocean in me life!
6. the murky pond filled with giant catfish in our back yard. maybe someday we'll feast..

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

à la recherche du temps skypé

hey dad this is zac
i should be skyping you guys around 6pm on mother's day your time. give or take some time. not exactly sure on the schedule. if for some reason i never skype you and you still want to get ahold of me, you could shoot an email or try calling at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. if i typed in the international codes wrong, i apologize. the actual number is xxxxxxxxxx, and you can figure out the internation codes from there., take care, have fun at work and talk to you on sunday.

love, zac

hey mom. thanks so much for the easter package. it was awesome. although.. unfortunately it didnt last me very long. i am still just as big of a candy fiend as i was when i left. but yeah, can you beliebe i'm 21? how fast time flies. thanks for the birthday wishes and money. you're the best mom.

anyways, bintulu is pretty sweet. i love being in sarawak so much. it's pretty crazy because everyone here is iban. i guess it took a 2 month stint in west malaysia to help me appreciate the east. we've been having fun this week just trying to meet the members and get some new investigators. the area was pretty rough when i got there. they had had a good amount of success before i came, but they kind of rode the wave of success until there was nothing left, and that's kind of the point we were at on my first day. but things are looking up quite a bit after the first week. we have some good new investigators. the area is all just kampung houses, or basically old rotting wooden houses. the roads are mud and rock soup, which makes travel interesting. the area has had missionaries living close by, so it seems like there are a lot of people who are kind of closed off, but we've been finding some good new people too. i'm having so much fun. this is exactly what i loved about sarawak. i feel like at this point of my mission, my ability to communicate has never been better, so i'm having lots of fun joking around and getting to know the members and investigators. the only thing i feels sad about is only having 3 more months to be in such an awesome area. people seem to like me for the most part. one of my favorite things about ibans is how ridiculously easy it is to make them laugh.

so for investigators, there is a dude named rabong, his wife, the wife's sister, and the wife's sister's husband. so two couples living in one house. they seem pretty good. the women's parents are baptized already, so it makes things easy. last lesson, we talked to them about their beliefs and got to know them. they seem pretty open and accepting of what we taught.

there is another house with two more couples that have member relatives. they live pretty far, so they've had lots of excuses not to come to church, but we're working with them still. the desire seems to be there, we just need to work to build it into action and progression.

there's also this family that we met. there's a 27 year old dude named loui. he's nice enough and seems good, but we learned last night, he is a little crazy. he told us about how he has healing powers and spirits enter his body to help people and all kinds of strange stuff. his brother is really good. wants to learn, promised to go to church, has been keeping commitments and genuinely wants to join.. but he's going back to kampung in a few weeks, to a place where the church has not gone yet. so we're going to load him up on church materials and lessons, and hope and pray the day will come when he can join the church. we're just hoping that if we get loui coming to church, we can sort out all of this "spirit" business.

there's a recent convert, andrew, whose baptism i was here for. andrew's family has not yet taken an interest. we committed a cousin to go to church, and we're still hoping to be able to spark interest in his mom and siblings.

on top of that, nothing much else. trying to get referrals from the members, so hopefuly that goes well. the members here are way cool. there's some in a different branch even that are making me food for my birthday. i'm excited. next week we'll be going to miri for a zone conference, so that should be way awesome. i've never served there, just visited, and i love it. maybe sometime in the future for a pday we'll be able to go to a place called niah caves. you should look it up on wikipedia. it's a cool place. hopefully i'll make it before i go home.

so.. i believe i have skype confirmed with the senior couple here. i believe i should be able to skype you around 6pm your time on mother's day. it will be 9am my time on monday. if i calculated the time difference wrong, i apologize. i'm excited to talk to you guys. anyways, that's all i have for the week. i love it here in bintulu. so much fun. talk to you on mother's day!

love, zac

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

back to borneo

hey dad. thanks so much for the help, and thanks for the info. anyways, like i told mom, i have some news. i got transferred. pretty crazy, huh? i was only in johor for 2.5 months. so short. how long was your shortest area? longest? well, now i'm back in sarawak where i belong, in a city called bintulu. it's a pretty tiny place. pretty junky by most poeple's standards, but i think it's heaven. i love it here, and i love the people. we met some investigators yesterday. one is a 22 year old dude who's getting baptized this week. he's really solid. he was just bearing his testimony to his family who have been reluctant to learn. we just had some fun together. and then as we were leaving, the floor caved in a bit. woops. i guess it was our fault for bringing 4 white people. white people are pretty heavy. so we'll go back tomorrow or so to help then fix it. my companion is from the same mtc group as my last companion, so he's pretty new, but he's a cool kid. i like him a lot. i think we're going to have fun together. he seems like a hard worker, so hopefully we can get a lot accomplished in the next few months. it's crazy. in bintulu there are 5 elders from my same mtc group. it was like an mtc reunion when i got here. pretty sweet. i'm excited to be in this zone.

also like i told mom, since i changed areas and senior couples, i'm not sure if my current senior couple has skype or what, so i'll talk to them this week and get back to you next week to see how we'll be able to communicate for mother's day. the senior couple here seem really nice, so that's another cool thing about bintulu. anyways, that's all i have for now. thanks again for all the help. talk to you next week dad.

love, zac

hey mom.

things are going great. anyways, so on saturday, the mission president told us that all the johor elders had to come in on sunday for a meeting with the church history representatives. right after church we left. while i was in the office, i was able to get the package and card you sent. right on easter too. it was a miracle. the meeting with the church history dudes was pretty cool. there was a big fireside where everyone could ask any questions they had about church history. so the crazy part about the trip is that right before, i found out i was getting transferred. i had a night to pack, and then i left. i spent a few days hanging out in singapore with my friend, elder thomas, who was serving there. we met up with a member who is from las vegas and works in singapore. when we got to the place, i recognized him, and later found out he is the son of bishop larsen from meadows 3rd ward. pretty crazy huh? small world. anyways, he took us up to the top of the place where he works, which is really tall. we got some pics. from up there, you could see malaysia and indonesia. so that was fun. on tuesday i finally got on the plane and went to my new area, bintulu. i'm back in sarawak! i just got here yesterday, so i havent done much. but i'm way excited to be here. i'm surrounded by ibans, and i love it. the people i've met so far are awesome. it should be a fun 3 more months.

anyways, about skype. since i just got transferred, i dont know if i'll be able to skype anymore. i'll have to talk with the senior couple, and i'll get back to you next week. in the mean time, could you please send me times when you would be available to talk to me? then next week after i figure things out, i'll be able to look at my own schedule, make a decision and let you know what is going on. it may be possible to talk over gmail as well, so i guess you can consider that too. i'll make sure with the senior couple.

but yeah, bintulu is awesome. i feel like i'm back home, and i'm excited for the future. we are going to be busy. anyways, i gotta run. talk to you more next week mom. good luck.

love, zac

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

not much by the way of news

hey mom

thanks for sharing that story with me. it's pretty cool what can be done with faith and the priesthood. hopefully it will be able to help that family to become happier and accept the gospel.

i'm also pretty excited to see elder bednar. this will be the second apostle we've had since i've been here. what an opportunity. also, a man in the asia area presidency came a few months ago to visit the missionaries here, elder carl pratt, and he spoke in conference. it's pretty crazy to see people you've met speaking in conference. makes me appreciate it a little more.

so we finally got to watch conference here last week. it was good. unfortunately the turn out here was pretty small. the new members don't realize what an opportunity it is to listen to the prophet. but we had an investigating family come. it was pretty cool. amin and lisa, the one guy on the moto who contacted us. he's doing well and they still seem excited about the gospel. with amin's work, he can only come to church every other work, but he seems to be doing the best he can. we're excited for him. hopefully sometime in may he can be baptized.

the area here is doing ok. we've still got some people who have good potential but arent really progressing, so that's a little frustrating. we've been doing some contacting lately and meeting lots of new people. it's fun. not much by the way of news. anyways, i gotta run. talk to you next week mom.

love, zac

ps, as far as i know now, i'll skype you on mother's day your time. not sure the exact time, but i'll confirm next week.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Elder Bednar is coming to Kuala Lampur

hey dad

thanks so much for helping me out with housing and the fafsa application. you are the best!

it's good to hear that things are going well over there. family getting together and all of that. pretty jealous. how is school going? any naughty students? any plans for labor day? i cant believe how fast the summer is coming.

so we have some pretty sweet news here. well, firstly elder bednar is coming to kuala lumpur, and my mission president has arranged for all the elders in west malaysia to go see him. he'll give a training and we'll be able to meet him and have dinner with him. that will happen 23 may, so all of us missionaries in west malaysia are pretty excited about that. can't wait.

also, on chrsitmas, our mission president gave the elders the option of using skype to talk to their families back home, and i believe it will be available for mother's day as well. anyways, the senior couple has offered to let us use their computer to access skype to talk to you guys if that were possible for you guys. i really don't understand much about how skype works, but if you do and would like to use that to talk to me on mother's day, can. if not, the old fashioned phone call will do.

so we just back yesterday from being in kuala lumpur for a missionary leadership training. i got to go since i am a trainer. that was pretty fun to spend the day with the mission president and some other missionaries. i also got to see that one missionary i'll be rooming with which was pretty sweet. we all had fun together, and got to go check out a little bit of kl before going back. we've been trying to get to know the members in the new area we just picked up, so that's been fun. members are the best. hopefully we'll get some referrals coming in. our chinese family that we've been working with said they will be coming to church on sunday, so we're excited. they seem pretty prepared. everyone in jb is still really busy and lots of the time work on sunday, so it's been a bit of a struggle to meet with people, but we're still going. after a meeting with the mission president you always feel more pumped to go out there and get work done, so this week should be good. i feel pretty pumped.

we're also hoping that our iban guy can get work off this sunday for church. his boss got pretty mad at him. he also had been having money problems since his brother lost his job, but is living with them. so we had a good lesson on how the lord will provide for us as we follow the commandments. we committed him to pray. so we met with him again a few days later, and he had a pretty cool experience about how he was really stressed, he had been praying and just felt better. and then he had some ideas pop into his head and he talked about how he was able to fix his financial problem. he didnt really tell us what the problem is. when it comes to finances it seems people get pretty embarrassed to be having problems, and as a missionary i dont want to dig too deeply into it. but what was cool is the experience seemed to add to his testimony. so he seems to be doing really well.

anyways, thanks again dad for all the help you've given me and for the support. thanks for the emails. i appreciate all you do for me. i gotta run so i'll talk to you next week. until then, take care.

love, zac

hey mom

yeah our investigators are doing all right. still a struggle to meet people. we had some training about being more effective at following up with people, so hopefullyy this week we'll be able to follow up more effectively and be able to help our investigators progress more. the cool part about a mission is that you never stop learning.

but yeah, its pretty cool that i'll be rooming with some elders from my mission. they're pretty cool and i'm excited. we've been friends from the mtc. haha. anyways, yeah i also think itd be pretty cool to teach at the mtc. i feel like it be a good job for while i'm in school, but i'll have to wait to see when i get back. i can't believe i'm signing up for school and all this. it like forces me to think about going home, but i dont want to think about it. time is going by way too fast. i'll be really sad to leave malaysia. it's so far, i dont know when i'll be able to come back. sad. but i just gotta enjoy the time i have here. johor bahru is a lot different from sarawak, but i've been enjoying it. we've got some really cool memebers and ive been making some good friends. i love spending time with these people. i wrote most of my news i nthe letter to dad, so hopefully you can get most of it from there.

sorry it's so short. that's for emailing and thanks for thinking about me. i love you mom. talk to you next week.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

so our area just doubled in size

hey mom.

sorry i dont have much time. i have been way busy trying to get things figured out about school. it gives me a headache, but hopefully this fall i'll be attending byu.

anyways, since we are so far away and in such a different time zone, we wont be watching conference for at least another two weeks.

things here have been going pretty crazy. when i got transferred to johor, my comp and i were the third companionship. we were put there in anticipation of a branch split. the split is looking more distant, and so a companionship is being taken out of johor. my comp and i are staying in johor, but we're taking the area of the elders who are leaving. so our area just doubled in size and we are inheriting their investigators. it's pretty crazy, and i hope everything goes well. we'll continue to work hard.

we're still struggling with getting our people to progress even more. everyone that we had is doing about the same as last week. we'll meet amin and lisa tomorrow in hopes that we'll be able to get things worked out with his work schedule and get him to church regularly. our chinese family is doing well, and we've recently been picking up some chinese investigators here and there, which is cool. besides that, not much is going on in the area so far. next week i'll be going to kuala lumpur for some training. that should be pretty fun.

anyways, that's all for me. hope you have a good week mom. talk to you next week.
love, zac

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

so it seems like this family is really prepared

hey dad.

well thanks for the advice. i'm sure things will all work out.

so anything good happen this week? any news? my week has been pretty good so far. we met with amin's brother. he hasn't really been christian before, and he doesn't know anything about christianity. so we were teaching him about god and jesus christ and helping him to understand why it is important to believe in them. he seems pretty good, especially since amin is such good support for him. so we're really hopeful that all of them will be at chruch this sunday. as we were about to leave after our appointment, amin's brother said he still doesnt understand much about christianity, but he asked us to come over more frequently because he feels frequent visits will help him to understand. after so many people dropping us lately, it is really nice to hear.

we also had some pretty cool contacting experiences. we were waiting for the bus for like an hour. part way through the wait, a lady came and sat down next to me with her kids. she had three kids that she was watching all on her own, and lots of groceries. i heard her speaking iban to her kids, so i started talking to her. she was going to the same place we were heading to, so we helped her with her groceries and kids on the bus, and also helped her to get to her house. so was really grateful, and invited us back. hopefully we'll be able to meet her and her husband tonight.

right after we met that lady, we went to go to an appointment, but we accidentally waited in the wrong spot for like 40 mintutes. while we were waiting, this chinese guy came out and started to talk with us a little bit. he said he wasn't christian yet, but his wife was. we had a pretty good conversation and set up an appointment with him. we met him yesterday, and his family is awesome. what we didnt know the first day, is that this family didn't like the church they were currently attending because they had people speaking in tongues, and it made them feel uncomfortable. the wife said she had been looking for the true chruch for a while. so we taught them about baptism and the apostasy. the lady seemed to really accept the message. she said she was glad that we came to answer her question. so hopefully later this week we'll be able to meet them again. they seemed pretty excited to try church as well. hopefully they come and have a good experience. so after the lesson, they fed us and then gave us a ride home as well. right before we got out of the car, they told us they had seen last week on our bicycles, and the wife said she felt like we were messagers from god. so it seems like this family is really prepared to hear the gospel. the branch leadership is all chinese, so i think they'll be excited that we found a chinese family. we'll see how it goes next week.

anyways, i can't really think of anything else that happened. things are going well, and we're excited for our area. also, i don't know if i told you, but my release date from the mission is july 27th. anyways, gotta run. talk to you guys later. have a good week.

love, zac

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

we have been working extra hard

life as a missionary is going really well. i'm having a lot of fun. my companion and i have been struggling a little bit lately, so we have been working extra hard, and have been contacting a lot. the other day was so hot and for the first time in quite a while i got sunburned. it's funny being a white person in an asian country that so rarely has white people come. i sometimes forget how strange i must look to people here. but on that hot day, my comp and i were taking a brake sitting under some shade and we had quite a few people stop to see if we needed help. they thought we were lost. so we explained what we were doing, got a few phone numbers. hopefully something will come out of it.

i feel like i've been learning lots of good lessons out here as well. to get things done you just gotta get out and get to work. also, i've been learning even more to rely on the lord. we've had a pretty tough month, so we decided to fast a few times to help our area. no huge miracles occurred, but i definitely feel that the people who are suddenly progressing we found and helped through our fasting.

i don't really have much else to write, so i guess i'll just go. have a good day dad. hope everything is going well with school and at home. talk to you next week.
love, zac

hey mom.

well, i guess it's ok that you dont have much going on over in las vegas. i also don't have much going on. but we had a prety good week this wek, and we're hoping for an even better week this upcoming week.

so we've spent the last month knocking doors and trying to find people without much success. anyways, we recently fasted this last week, and some things started happening in our area, which is pretty sweet. we invited some people to be baptized, and they committed to a date for next month. one is a random chinese dude we contacted into on the street. we were walking kind of aimlessly. i always try to give my trainee an opportunity to lead the companionship so he was walking and i was following. we passed this dude. as soon as he saw us, he said he didn't need to talk to us, because he was already christian. well, this area has tons of muslims, which we can't teach, so we're always excited to run into people who are already christian. so we talked with him for a bit and gave him a pamphlet. the next day, he texted us and asked what the book of mormon was and if we coud give him one. so we did, and he came to church. he seems pretty excited to be baptized, because he never has before. and while we walk with him to go places, he always asks if people are christians, and if they want us to teach them. so he seems genuinely excited. he has some quirks, but over all a nice guy. i may hvae already talked about this guy. his name is mark.

also, like 3 weeks ago we were knocking a flat with no success. on our way out of the flat, we saw this dude on a motorcycle. he came up and talked to us. he asked if we were christian. we said we were, and then he said he also was and wanted us to teach him. so we had an awesoem first lesson with him, and then 3 weeks went by and we couldn't get into contact with him. we called ad no one would answer and eventually his wife answered seemed really angry and hung up on us. i thought that was the end of that. but one nght the other day, all our appointments fell through and we had nothing to do. so we had the idea to try this guy again. his name is amin, by the way. he happened to be home and he let us in. we had an awesome lesson with him and he promised to come to church. then last sunday, he actually came, and he really enjoyed it. he seems really excited. so although we don't have many people that we are teaching, we've got some people that seem really good. amin and his wife also really seem to want to be baptized. they really liked the idea of being able to help their ancestors accept the gospel through temple work.

as always, we've got plenty of other people we're trying to teach, but we're not sure how it's going to go. lots of busy people in johor can't meet regularly.

but just last night we had a talent show for the branch, which was pretty fun. some people in the ward sang and played instruments and various things. we missionaries also sang. we took an indonesian song and we rewrote the words from the prospective of a missionary trying to teach people. it was pretty fun and i think the people from the branch enjoyed it. we did pretty poorly and probably would have been laughed at pretty bad in america, but luckily we're in malaysia and people thought it was good. it's good to see the branch come together and try to get to know the people a little more.

anyways, besides that, nothing. just kicking along still. having fun. take care mom and talk to you next week.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


hey mom.
sorry i forgot to wish you happy birthday last week mom. i'm a horrible son. but happy birthday. you're the best.

but yeah i heard about the crazy earthquake in japan. lots of people here are talking about it, and it's all over the newspapers. nothing happened here though. malaysia is nice and safe from natural disasters. yay malaysia. so about the pics, right after i sent that email one of the elders in my district let me borrow ihs card reader, so i was able to send the pics. the fish were cleaning our feet. it tickled like crazy. i couldn't stop laughing for like 5 minutes. it was pretty fun. kl was cool, but i'm glad to be back here in johor. life is normal again. we've been getting lots of rain lately. we've been struggling a lot with our investigators. the one family we had that was doing well is currently missing and out of contact, so that is a tough situation. hopefully we'll be able to get ahold on that situation sometime. we found this new guy named mark. he's chinese and he seems pretty good so far. he came to church and seemed to like it. we walked with him to a park one day to teach him and he kept talking to people to see if they wanted to learn from us, or if they wanted to go to our church. it was pretty weird but cool at the same time. the guy definitely has some big quirks. i'm not sure what to think of him completely, but i'm sure we'll be able to help his life improve. all of the other people we've been teaching have eaither dropped us or have been difficult to meet so we haven't met them for a second time. it's been a tough week.

actually, do you remember when i told you about that dude on his moto that asked us if we were christian and if we would teach him? well we finally taught him again. it seemed really good too. he kept saying he wanted to learn more about joseph smith and he wanted to know if it was true. he promised to come to church, so we'll see on sunday. we're pretty excited for him, but i've been disappointed enough times already that i'm really trying not to get my hopes up. elder browne is doing really well. we're having fun together. things will get better. hopefully i'll have a better email next week. hope you have a good week too mom. gotta go. love you.

love zac

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

some pix

hey mom..

well not too much going on over here. we didnt actually get to go to singapore for stake conference. we missionaries just stayed in johor while the members went. i'm not exactly sure why, but we weren't given permission to go. but, we just had zone conference in kuala lumpur, so that's where i am right now. i got some pictures of the huge towers. we got to go kind of explore the city and see the shops. didn't have time to see too many places but we still had fun. unfortunately since we're still here in kl, i dont have my camera cord. i know pictures seem like empty promises, but hopefully i'll get some to you next week. yesterday we had an all day training. we were at the church building for like 14 hours. so that was kind of grueling. that's all we've done this week. last week leading up to conference like all our appointments fell through, so we're not sure what things are gonna be like when we get back to johor. we're going to work hard, and hopefully we'll have success.

i guess that's about all i got for now. anyways, i love you and i'll talk to you next week.
love, zac