Wednesday, March 16, 2011


hey mom.
sorry i forgot to wish you happy birthday last week mom. i'm a horrible son. but happy birthday. you're the best.

but yeah i heard about the crazy earthquake in japan. lots of people here are talking about it, and it's all over the newspapers. nothing happened here though. malaysia is nice and safe from natural disasters. yay malaysia. so about the pics, right after i sent that email one of the elders in my district let me borrow ihs card reader, so i was able to send the pics. the fish were cleaning our feet. it tickled like crazy. i couldn't stop laughing for like 5 minutes. it was pretty fun. kl was cool, but i'm glad to be back here in johor. life is normal again. we've been getting lots of rain lately. we've been struggling a lot with our investigators. the one family we had that was doing well is currently missing and out of contact, so that is a tough situation. hopefully we'll be able to get ahold on that situation sometime. we found this new guy named mark. he's chinese and he seems pretty good so far. he came to church and seemed to like it. we walked with him to a park one day to teach him and he kept talking to people to see if they wanted to learn from us, or if they wanted to go to our church. it was pretty weird but cool at the same time. the guy definitely has some big quirks. i'm not sure what to think of him completely, but i'm sure we'll be able to help his life improve. all of the other people we've been teaching have eaither dropped us or have been difficult to meet so we haven't met them for a second time. it's been a tough week.

actually, do you remember when i told you about that dude on his moto that asked us if we were christian and if we would teach him? well we finally taught him again. it seemed really good too. he kept saying he wanted to learn more about joseph smith and he wanted to know if it was true. he promised to come to church, so we'll see on sunday. we're pretty excited for him, but i've been disappointed enough times already that i'm really trying not to get my hopes up. elder browne is doing really well. we're having fun together. things will get better. hopefully i'll have a better email next week. hope you have a good week too mom. gotta go. love you.

love zac

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