Tuesday, March 29, 2011

so it seems like this family is really prepared

hey dad.

well thanks for the advice. i'm sure things will all work out.

so anything good happen this week? any news? my week has been pretty good so far. we met with amin's brother. he hasn't really been christian before, and he doesn't know anything about christianity. so we were teaching him about god and jesus christ and helping him to understand why it is important to believe in them. he seems pretty good, especially since amin is such good support for him. so we're really hopeful that all of them will be at chruch this sunday. as we were about to leave after our appointment, amin's brother said he still doesnt understand much about christianity, but he asked us to come over more frequently because he feels frequent visits will help him to understand. after so many people dropping us lately, it is really nice to hear.

we also had some pretty cool contacting experiences. we were waiting for the bus for like an hour. part way through the wait, a lady came and sat down next to me with her kids. she had three kids that she was watching all on her own, and lots of groceries. i heard her speaking iban to her kids, so i started talking to her. she was going to the same place we were heading to, so we helped her with her groceries and kids on the bus, and also helped her to get to her house. so was really grateful, and invited us back. hopefully we'll be able to meet her and her husband tonight.

right after we met that lady, we went to go to an appointment, but we accidentally waited in the wrong spot for like 40 mintutes. while we were waiting, this chinese guy came out and started to talk with us a little bit. he said he wasn't christian yet, but his wife was. we had a pretty good conversation and set up an appointment with him. we met him yesterday, and his family is awesome. what we didnt know the first day, is that this family didn't like the church they were currently attending because they had people speaking in tongues, and it made them feel uncomfortable. the wife said she had been looking for the true chruch for a while. so we taught them about baptism and the apostasy. the lady seemed to really accept the message. she said she was glad that we came to answer her question. so hopefully later this week we'll be able to meet them again. they seemed pretty excited to try church as well. hopefully they come and have a good experience. so after the lesson, they fed us and then gave us a ride home as well. right before we got out of the car, they told us they had seen last week on our bicycles, and the wife said she felt like we were messagers from god. so it seems like this family is really prepared to hear the gospel. the branch leadership is all chinese, so i think they'll be excited that we found a chinese family. we'll see how it goes next week.

anyways, i can't really think of anything else that happened. things are going well, and we're excited for our area. also, i don't know if i told you, but my release date from the mission is july 27th. anyways, gotta run. talk to you guys later. have a good week.

love, zac

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