Tuesday, March 8, 2011

some pix

hey mom..

well not too much going on over here. we didnt actually get to go to singapore for stake conference. we missionaries just stayed in johor while the members went. i'm not exactly sure why, but we weren't given permission to go. but, we just had zone conference in kuala lumpur, so that's where i am right now. i got some pictures of the huge towers. we got to go kind of explore the city and see the shops. didn't have time to see too many places but we still had fun. unfortunately since we're still here in kl, i dont have my camera cord. i know pictures seem like empty promises, but hopefully i'll get some to you next week. yesterday we had an all day training. we were at the church building for like 14 hours. so that was kind of grueling. that's all we've done this week. last week leading up to conference like all our appointments fell through, so we're not sure what things are gonna be like when we get back to johor. we're going to work hard, and hopefully we'll have success.

i guess that's about all i got for now. anyways, i love you and i'll talk to you next week.
love, zac

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