Tuesday, March 22, 2011

we have been working extra hard

life as a missionary is going really well. i'm having a lot of fun. my companion and i have been struggling a little bit lately, so we have been working extra hard, and have been contacting a lot. the other day was so hot and for the first time in quite a while i got sunburned. it's funny being a white person in an asian country that so rarely has white people come. i sometimes forget how strange i must look to people here. but on that hot day, my comp and i were taking a brake sitting under some shade and we had quite a few people stop to see if we needed help. they thought we were lost. so we explained what we were doing, got a few phone numbers. hopefully something will come out of it.

i feel like i've been learning lots of good lessons out here as well. to get things done you just gotta get out and get to work. also, i've been learning even more to rely on the lord. we've had a pretty tough month, so we decided to fast a few times to help our area. no huge miracles occurred, but i definitely feel that the people who are suddenly progressing we found and helped through our fasting.

i don't really have much else to write, so i guess i'll just go. have a good day dad. hope everything is going well with school and at home. talk to you next week.
love, zac

hey mom.

well, i guess it's ok that you dont have much going on over in las vegas. i also don't have much going on. but we had a prety good week this wek, and we're hoping for an even better week this upcoming week.

so we've spent the last month knocking doors and trying to find people without much success. anyways, we recently fasted this last week, and some things started happening in our area, which is pretty sweet. we invited some people to be baptized, and they committed to a date for next month. one is a random chinese dude we contacted into on the street. we were walking kind of aimlessly. i always try to give my trainee an opportunity to lead the companionship so he was walking and i was following. we passed this dude. as soon as he saw us, he said he didn't need to talk to us, because he was already christian. well, this area has tons of muslims, which we can't teach, so we're always excited to run into people who are already christian. so we talked with him for a bit and gave him a pamphlet. the next day, he texted us and asked what the book of mormon was and if we coud give him one. so we did, and he came to church. he seems pretty excited to be baptized, because he never has before. and while we walk with him to go places, he always asks if people are christians, and if they want us to teach them. so he seems genuinely excited. he has some quirks, but over all a nice guy. i may hvae already talked about this guy. his name is mark.

also, like 3 weeks ago we were knocking a flat with no success. on our way out of the flat, we saw this dude on a motorcycle. he came up and talked to us. he asked if we were christian. we said we were, and then he said he also was and wanted us to teach him. so we had an awesoem first lesson with him, and then 3 weeks went by and we couldn't get into contact with him. we called ad no one would answer and eventually his wife answered seemed really angry and hung up on us. i thought that was the end of that. but one nght the other day, all our appointments fell through and we had nothing to do. so we had the idea to try this guy again. his name is amin, by the way. he happened to be home and he let us in. we had an awesome lesson with him and he promised to come to church. then last sunday, he actually came, and he really enjoyed it. he seems really excited. so although we don't have many people that we are teaching, we've got some people that seem really good. amin and his wife also really seem to want to be baptized. they really liked the idea of being able to help their ancestors accept the gospel through temple work.

as always, we've got plenty of other people we're trying to teach, but we're not sure how it's going to go. lots of busy people in johor can't meet regularly.

but just last night we had a talent show for the branch, which was pretty fun. some people in the ward sang and played instruments and various things. we missionaries also sang. we took an indonesian song and we rewrote the words from the prospective of a missionary trying to teach people. it was pretty fun and i think the people from the branch enjoyed it. we did pretty poorly and probably would have been laughed at pretty bad in america, but luckily we're in malaysia and people thought it was good. it's good to see the branch come together and try to get to know the people a little more.

anyways, besides that, nothing. just kicking along still. having fun. take care mom and talk to you next week.

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