Wednesday, April 6, 2011

so our area just doubled in size

hey mom.

sorry i dont have much time. i have been way busy trying to get things figured out about school. it gives me a headache, but hopefully this fall i'll be attending byu.

anyways, since we are so far away and in such a different time zone, we wont be watching conference for at least another two weeks.

things here have been going pretty crazy. when i got transferred to johor, my comp and i were the third companionship. we were put there in anticipation of a branch split. the split is looking more distant, and so a companionship is being taken out of johor. my comp and i are staying in johor, but we're taking the area of the elders who are leaving. so our area just doubled in size and we are inheriting their investigators. it's pretty crazy, and i hope everything goes well. we'll continue to work hard.

we're still struggling with getting our people to progress even more. everyone that we had is doing about the same as last week. we'll meet amin and lisa tomorrow in hopes that we'll be able to get things worked out with his work schedule and get him to church regularly. our chinese family is doing well, and we've recently been picking up some chinese investigators here and there, which is cool. besides that, not much is going on in the area so far. next week i'll be going to kuala lumpur for some training. that should be pretty fun.

anyways, that's all for me. hope you have a good week mom. talk to you next week.
love, zac

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