Tuesday, April 26, 2011

back to borneo

hey dad. thanks so much for the help, and thanks for the info. anyways, like i told mom, i have some news. i got transferred. pretty crazy, huh? i was only in johor for 2.5 months. so short. how long was your shortest area? longest? well, now i'm back in sarawak where i belong, in a city called bintulu. it's a pretty tiny place. pretty junky by most poeple's standards, but i think it's heaven. i love it here, and i love the people. we met some investigators yesterday. one is a 22 year old dude who's getting baptized this week. he's really solid. he was just bearing his testimony to his family who have been reluctant to learn. we just had some fun together. and then as we were leaving, the floor caved in a bit. woops. i guess it was our fault for bringing 4 white people. white people are pretty heavy. so we'll go back tomorrow or so to help then fix it. my companion is from the same mtc group as my last companion, so he's pretty new, but he's a cool kid. i like him a lot. i think we're going to have fun together. he seems like a hard worker, so hopefully we can get a lot accomplished in the next few months. it's crazy. in bintulu there are 5 elders from my same mtc group. it was like an mtc reunion when i got here. pretty sweet. i'm excited to be in this zone.

also like i told mom, since i changed areas and senior couples, i'm not sure if my current senior couple has skype or what, so i'll talk to them this week and get back to you next week to see how we'll be able to communicate for mother's day. the senior couple here seem really nice, so that's another cool thing about bintulu. anyways, that's all i have for now. thanks again for all the help. talk to you next week dad.

love, zac

hey mom.

things are going great. anyways, so on saturday, the mission president told us that all the johor elders had to come in on sunday for a meeting with the church history representatives. right after church we left. while i was in the office, i was able to get the package and card you sent. right on easter too. it was a miracle. the meeting with the church history dudes was pretty cool. there was a big fireside where everyone could ask any questions they had about church history. so the crazy part about the trip is that right before, i found out i was getting transferred. i had a night to pack, and then i left. i spent a few days hanging out in singapore with my friend, elder thomas, who was serving there. we met up with a member who is from las vegas and works in singapore. when we got to the place, i recognized him, and later found out he is the son of bishop larsen from meadows 3rd ward. pretty crazy huh? small world. anyways, he took us up to the top of the place where he works, which is really tall. we got some pics. from up there, you could see malaysia and indonesia. so that was fun. on tuesday i finally got on the plane and went to my new area, bintulu. i'm back in sarawak! i just got here yesterday, so i havent done much. but i'm way excited to be here. i'm surrounded by ibans, and i love it. the people i've met so far are awesome. it should be a fun 3 more months.

anyways, about skype. since i just got transferred, i dont know if i'll be able to skype anymore. i'll have to talk with the senior couple, and i'll get back to you next week. in the mean time, could you please send me times when you would be available to talk to me? then next week after i figure things out, i'll be able to look at my own schedule, make a decision and let you know what is going on. it may be possible to talk over gmail as well, so i guess you can consider that too. i'll make sure with the senior couple.

but yeah, bintulu is awesome. i feel like i'm back home, and i'm excited for the future. we are going to be busy. anyways, i gotta run. talk to you more next week mom. good luck.

love, zac

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