Tuesday, April 19, 2011

not much by the way of news

hey mom

thanks for sharing that story with me. it's pretty cool what can be done with faith and the priesthood. hopefully it will be able to help that family to become happier and accept the gospel.

i'm also pretty excited to see elder bednar. this will be the second apostle we've had since i've been here. what an opportunity. also, a man in the asia area presidency came a few months ago to visit the missionaries here, elder carl pratt, and he spoke in conference. it's pretty crazy to see people you've met speaking in conference. makes me appreciate it a little more.

so we finally got to watch conference here last week. it was good. unfortunately the turn out here was pretty small. the new members don't realize what an opportunity it is to listen to the prophet. but we had an investigating family come. it was pretty cool. amin and lisa, the one guy on the moto who contacted us. he's doing well and they still seem excited about the gospel. with amin's work, he can only come to church every other work, but he seems to be doing the best he can. we're excited for him. hopefully sometime in may he can be baptized.

the area here is doing ok. we've still got some people who have good potential but arent really progressing, so that's a little frustrating. we've been doing some contacting lately and meeting lots of new people. it's fun. not much by the way of news. anyways, i gotta run. talk to you next week mom.

love, zac

ps, as far as i know now, i'll skype you on mother's day your time. not sure the exact time, but i'll confirm next week.

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