Thursday, April 14, 2011

Elder Bednar is coming to Kuala Lampur

hey dad

thanks so much for helping me out with housing and the fafsa application. you are the best!

it's good to hear that things are going well over there. family getting together and all of that. pretty jealous. how is school going? any naughty students? any plans for labor day? i cant believe how fast the summer is coming.

so we have some pretty sweet news here. well, firstly elder bednar is coming to kuala lumpur, and my mission president has arranged for all the elders in west malaysia to go see him. he'll give a training and we'll be able to meet him and have dinner with him. that will happen 23 may, so all of us missionaries in west malaysia are pretty excited about that. can't wait.

also, on chrsitmas, our mission president gave the elders the option of using skype to talk to their families back home, and i believe it will be available for mother's day as well. anyways, the senior couple has offered to let us use their computer to access skype to talk to you guys if that were possible for you guys. i really don't understand much about how skype works, but if you do and would like to use that to talk to me on mother's day, can. if not, the old fashioned phone call will do.

so we just back yesterday from being in kuala lumpur for a missionary leadership training. i got to go since i am a trainer. that was pretty fun to spend the day with the mission president and some other missionaries. i also got to see that one missionary i'll be rooming with which was pretty sweet. we all had fun together, and got to go check out a little bit of kl before going back. we've been trying to get to know the members in the new area we just picked up, so that's been fun. members are the best. hopefully we'll get some referrals coming in. our chinese family that we've been working with said they will be coming to church on sunday, so we're excited. they seem pretty prepared. everyone in jb is still really busy and lots of the time work on sunday, so it's been a bit of a struggle to meet with people, but we're still going. after a meeting with the mission president you always feel more pumped to go out there and get work done, so this week should be good. i feel pretty pumped.

we're also hoping that our iban guy can get work off this sunday for church. his boss got pretty mad at him. he also had been having money problems since his brother lost his job, but is living with them. so we had a good lesson on how the lord will provide for us as we follow the commandments. we committed him to pray. so we met with him again a few days later, and he had a pretty cool experience about how he was really stressed, he had been praying and just felt better. and then he had some ideas pop into his head and he talked about how he was able to fix his financial problem. he didnt really tell us what the problem is. when it comes to finances it seems people get pretty embarrassed to be having problems, and as a missionary i dont want to dig too deeply into it. but what was cool is the experience seemed to add to his testimony. so he seems to be doing really well.

anyways, thanks again dad for all the help you've given me and for the support. thanks for the emails. i appreciate all you do for me. i gotta run so i'll talk to you next week. until then, take care.

love, zac

hey mom

yeah our investigators are doing all right. still a struggle to meet people. we had some training about being more effective at following up with people, so hopefullyy this week we'll be able to follow up more effectively and be able to help our investigators progress more. the cool part about a mission is that you never stop learning.

but yeah, its pretty cool that i'll be rooming with some elders from my mission. they're pretty cool and i'm excited. we've been friends from the mtc. haha. anyways, yeah i also think itd be pretty cool to teach at the mtc. i feel like it be a good job for while i'm in school, but i'll have to wait to see when i get back. i can't believe i'm signing up for school and all this. it like forces me to think about going home, but i dont want to think about it. time is going by way too fast. i'll be really sad to leave malaysia. it's so far, i dont know when i'll be able to come back. sad. but i just gotta enjoy the time i have here. johor bahru is a lot different from sarawak, but i've been enjoying it. we've got some really cool memebers and ive been making some good friends. i love spending time with these people. i wrote most of my news i nthe letter to dad, so hopefully you can get most of it from there.

sorry it's so short. that's for emailing and thanks for thinking about me. i love you mom. talk to you next week.

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