Thursday, June 2, 2011

pix, again!

hey mom.

i just sent dad a bunch of pictures. right now i'm sitting next to the coolest member in sungai plan, wong. he wants to know if you eaten already? what's the news? well, since pictures are like a 1000 words, i hope what i sent to dad is enough for the week, because i spent too much time looking at pictures and now everyone else in my zone is leaving me, so i gotta go. i'm sorry :'(. anyways, gota run. the week was fun. ate a ton because of gawai, but didnt have any investigators at church because everyone went back to kampung. take care mom. love you and dad. talk to you next week!!!

love, elder hill

1. the pic of rabong's family when we made them enchiladas.
2. me and the neighborhood goat
3. me and my iban girlfriend. selamat hari gawai!
4. my plate after dinner at rabong's house
5. all of us at dinner
6. me making tortillas
7. more tortillas

1. me and a member with fish strip mustaches
2. me cooking the enchilidas
3. cheese!
4. more enchiladas
5. rabong's cute little girl. all iban kids sleep in those funny hangy things
6. me and the coolest dude ever, wong. and of course the lady we call "mak"
7. me and mak again along with another lady that i dont know, because she's from the other branch. but we ate at her house anyway because it was gawai! yay

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