Tuesday, May 24, 2011


holy moley i can't believe richard is home already. congrats richard.

i guess i'll try to shoot him off an email and see how.

anyways, my week has been going well. i've got a good amount of pictures to send even, but the elder in our zone that has the memory card reader is in another part of bintulu today, so we didnt get to meet up with him. woops. i guess there's always next week. we got some good pictures from making dinner for some of our investigators. we made enchiladas. pretty delicious too. our investigators seemed to have fun, and we even had a pretty good turn out at church, even with the rain. well, the members didnt show up really, but our investigators did. i'm pretty sure i've told you about the people we're working with already. rabong's family and jeffery's family. they are both doing well, and hopefully next month can be baptized. unfortunately, next week is a holiday called gawai, the iban harvest festival, so everyone pretty much is going back to kampung, or their home town basically, which is pretty tough for missionary work. we'll see how it goes. but the work keeps going.

i dont know, i dont really have much else to say. life is good and going well. anyways, love you guys. talk to you next week.

love, zac
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