Wednesday, May 18, 2011

love you

hey mom. yeah i got pictures of sara. pretty crazy how much she looks like nate. poor thing. hopefully she grows out of it. heehee. anyways, hopefully everything keeps going well. i'm glad you guys are having a cold front. i hope it lasts until i get home. not to be trunky or anything. speaking of the word trunky, i never heard it before the mission, but now that i'm out, it seems everyone else has heard it. dad used it in an email to me. maybe i was sleeping under a rock. anyways...

the area is doing really well,. i'm so pumped for missionary work. we just had an awesome zone conference in miri. that was fun. got to see the town a bit. this last sunday, we had rabong and lenny, kenny and jenny come to church. (i sent some pics to dad) they seemed to enjoy it and they seem really good as investigators. they invited us over for dinner tonight and we are cooking for them on saturday. rabong also volunteered to help me teach a dance for the branch party in june. pretty sweet. we have lots of fun when we go over there, and it's seems like they are making good progress. hopefully we'll put them on date for baptism tonight and maybe next month they will be baptized.

we found another family through referral. the man is named jeffery. i think i talked about him last time. they didnt come to church this sunday because they were visiting a relative in the hospital, but they seem way good. the man really wants his family to learn about the churhc, and he told us this sunday he will definitely bring his family to church.

on monday we went around looking for some less actives with the senior couple. that was pretty fun. hopefully we will get some new investigators out of it and bring some less actives back too. that's where the album came from that i forwarded to you guys, entitled 'teaching in hock peng.'

we've got a few other straggling investigators here and there. i'll tell you more about them when they progress more. i'm having a blast here in bintulu, even tho it's pretty darn hot all the time. the people here are awesome. the food is delicious. and we're teaching a lot of people about jesus christ, so that's enough for me. anyways, i think i'm gonna make a move. talk to you guys later. have a good week.

love, zac

1. former kuching zone members, reunited again at miri zone conference!
2. me and my mtc companion, finishing our missions together in the bintulu zone
3. more of my family tree. elder jefferies my uncle, elder mccormies my brother, elder ang my nephew, and me. now all of us except mccormies live in the same house in bintulu
4. the former johor elders. we were hard core.
5. me in kuching back in the day admiring a well cared for orchard
6. a really cute girl from the branch and her mom

1. we found a cotton candy stand! wee!
2. i guess as part of the process of purifying palm oil, they have to have the huge smoke stacks with even bigger flames shooting out of the top.
3. the fire lights up the night sky!
4. the miri chapel
5. me working hard during language study, courtesy of elder ang
6. us celebrating the departure of one of the branch's youth for malaysia's national service. don't worry, she'll be back in 3 months
7. ritchie (a recent convert of the previous elders) and rabong and kenny, his sons in law. we finally got them to come to church last week!

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