Wednesday, July 13, 2011


hey dad

thanks for the pics. i'm so sorry i forgot to wish you a happy birthday last week.. so happy birthday! hope you had a good one. how'd you celebrate it?

anyways, this week was pretty cool. jenny kenny and ronaldo got baptized. it was pretty stressful, but way awesome. i'll just explain their story and show you pics of them when i get home. i dont mean to be trunky or anything, but emailing is no good. anyways, rabong and lenny are looking good to be baptized this sunday. and a girl we are teaching, catherine who is the 20 y/o daughter of a member should be baptized next week. that looks like that will be all for me. our pool is looking a little low. we've been doing some contacting. not too much success, but things are still looking good. hopefully within the next little bit we'll be able to meet some good people.

so today was pretty fun. we visited some pretty big caves here in sarawak called niah caves. if you want to learn more about the caves, visit wikipedia. anyways, our zone just looked around and climbed to the top of every peak we could and found little caves and climbed through bat poop. it was pretty good. got some good pictures, but i think i'll also show those to you when i get home.

well, sorry. dont have much more to say. things are fun and going well. talk to you next week. love you dad.

love, zac

hey mom.

i kind of gave an update on things to dad, so if you want to know about the area, yo ucan read the email i sent to him. pretty little news. anyways, i had a few questions..

did bishop childs mention a subject he wanted me to give a talk on?

also, can you send a few american recipes from home? i dont know exactly what, but some members have been asking for some recipes. something with chicken and that has fairly simple ingredients. also if you have any recipes for dessert? maybe a cake like thing.. brownies or something. if you could send those recipes that would be sweet.

so speaking of recipes from malaysia, i've been talking to a member family who will hopefully give me a few different recipes. curry, rendang, and maybe fried rice. could be delicious. we'll see.

news about investigators: jenny kenny ronaldo baptized. rabong lenny for baptism this week.

anyways, out of time, talk to you next week. have a good week. love you mom.

love, zac

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