Wednesday, July 20, 2011

last letter

hey mom

so yeah this week was pretty good. things are going well. rabong and lenny got baptized sunday morning which was pretty sweet. we were afraid it wasnt going to happen because saturday night he suddenly wasn't sure if he could get work off or not. and then sunday morning it was time for the baptism to start and he wasnt there, nor was he answering his phone. so that was pretty intense. but he came and got baptized and now that family is complete in membership of the church. it feels pretty good to see. unfortunately i will see them get baptized only and then leave, but i guess what can you do. i already had my last sunday at church. this upcoming sunday i fly into singapore, where i'll wait a few days until i go home.

luckily things look good for the baptism this saturday. already got interviewed and is really good. her name is catherine. she is a daughter of a member who is around 20 years old but until now never wanted to go to church. i dont know exactly what happened, but now she seems really good. her husband is working far away so we havent met him yet. hopefully sometime in the future they'll be able to teach the husband too. but that's the last of my work here. we've been going around getting some refferals, so there are some people that look like they could be baptized in the future. some people that seem really good. too bad i wont be around for most of their teaching.

there's this one family we contacted this week. they are relatives of a member. themother of the family is the member's sister in law. she is really concerned about her children making poor choices and that they have smoking and drinking problems at relatively young ages. so we went to the house for the second time two days ago, and one of the sons she is particularly concerned about was there. we seemed to have a good lesson with him about who jesus christ was and why it is important for us to follow him. whenever we asked questions, the kid (who is around 18) would pause for quite a long time and then answer. it really seemed like he was thinking introspectively and giving good thought to what we were saying, so it was nice. they also said this sunday they would go to church, so we'll see how that goes. i hope the best for them.

there are other families too, but we've only met them once, so not much to talk about.

anyways, no worries about the recipes. i have the email of the members who wanted recipes. i guess i can go home and see what we have and email them something later. well, not much else to say. this time next week i'll be on my way home. i guess i'll let you know what's been going on then. love you mom. take care.

love, zac

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