Tuesday, July 20, 2010

some neighbors came over to see the white guys cooking

hey mom. so, they are not going to build us a building just yet. they are just going to find a bigger shoplot for now and rennovate it so it looks nice. maybe a few years from now they'll be able to have and actual building, but who knows when that will be. we've been having some good success. lots of people came to church last week- 103. i hear it will take a while for them to even get the new shoplot. but we sure are filling up the shoplot we have pretty fast. we've now got a good amount of aaronic priesthood holders, so neither of us missionaries has to bless or pass the sacrament anymore. hopefully in a few months we'll also start getting some melchizidek priesthood holders so we can fill up our leadership positions. that will be pretty sweet. we've got baptisms lined up for the next 4 weeks, so hopefully they all happen like planned. you never can tell tho.
we had this family that was preparing for baptism, all except for the oldest son. we had asked him to go to church, and he never wanted to. we tried to teach him during the lessons, but he never seemed to want to listen to us. he was friendly, just didnt seem interested in the church. so we focused on the parents and the other kids who were coming to church .anyways, they were all having a problem with the word of wisdom. they just never seemed to understand why they needed to stop, and they always brought up that the uninterested older brother smoked. we always told them it was his choice and we can force people to change. things like that. well, we found out all the confusion came because the entire family thought that the oldest son was going to get baptized, including the son himself. so because they saw us seem to not care that he was going to get baptized while he still smoked, they felt they didnt need to give up other things in the word of wisdom to get baptized. luckily we got it cleared up. the family has given up the things they need to give up. we have the oldest son committed to church so he can be baptized hopefully sometime next month. it was just the craziest situation. i've never had that big of a misunderstanding on the mission. it was kind of funny and the attitude of the family made a lot more sense after we realized what was going on. we had explained before that you need to go to church before baptism and all that, but still confusion. what can you do. at least things are better.

anyways, about the weather.. it doesnt ever really change here. it's pretty hot like normal. we've been getting a little bit more rain than usual. but besides that, pretty much the same since i got here last september. i cant think of any other really cool experiences that happened this last week. well, besides that a lot of people that we wanted to show up to church came and even some that we didnt expect. oh i almost forgot. so i cooked jared's chicken spaghetti stuff for a family here in sibu jaya. now it wasnt quite as delicious as normal because i didnt really have any spices to use besides pepper, and even that i didnt use enough. but the people here hated it. some neighbors came over to see the white guys cooking and they looked so disgusted at the food. the look on this one womans face was priceless as she stuck a noodle in her mouth. i thought she would throw up. so i guess that's that, eh? maybe they'd like hawaiian hay stacks better, to keep in line with their rice. but it is really hard to find different ingredients here. like for those tacos, i'd have to buy all the ingredients in sibu town. we'll see how things go later i guess, if they want us to try to cook again. anyways, that is all. i'll go now. love you mom. i hope your toe gets better soon. tell grandma hi for me and that i love her.
love, zac

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