Tuesday, September 7, 2010

not much went on this week

hey dad & mom. well i'm glad to hear things went smoothly with Nano's wedding. it sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. sorry i'm writing this to both of you, but i really cant think of much to write. i hope you dont mind.

i'm not going to lie, not much went on this week. well on sunday my companion and i went to sibu for a training which was pretty cool. lots of training lately. they just slowly by slowly keep raising the bar a little higher. they taught about accountability and gave us this introspective question 'would you be happy if everyone's area in the mission was like yours?" it made me think. i just got here, but the area could use some work. we are fairly low on investigators. i feel like this week went by so fast so i can hardly remember anything, but somehow we were busy enough to not leave much time for finding. we have some good investigators who will be baptized soon. there's a lady named bella who's husband got baptized a few weeks before i got transferred here. she is really good and pretty ready. they are both from indonesia. i like them a lot. they seemed to take a bit of getting used to me being there as opposed to the elder i replaced. i feel like most of my reception has been pretty good so far tho.

we live in an area that is far away from the area i used to work, so i get to see a lot of new people. our area is pretty far from the church so we are facing some problems with transport, which has always been present in kuching. i was spoiled in sibu jaya without transport issues. it's always interesting to have new challenges to work with and have to adapt to them. i feel like i'm learning more than ever about how to do missionary work. the trainings we've had have taught us how to ask more effective questions and to speak with people so they open up and have a conversation. i'm still working on correction some issues with my teaching style (i like to talk a lot) and it really is seeming to go much better. also, ive never gone into so much detail to plan a lesson at any time in my mission as i am now, and that is really nice. lots of questions and scriptures. thinking about what our investigators might ask. i'm having a lot of fun here in kuching. i really like it, even with the added distance of bike riding. i really wouldnt mind if i stayed here for the rest of my mission, but i doubt it. i guess i'll just take whatever is given to me.

so this upcoming week we have a lot of new investigators to find, so we're hoping that next month just has a ton of baptisms. we'll see how it goes. we have lots of people who have referred their friends that we will also contact before the close of this week, so looks like we will be pretty busy soon. oh yeah, they are also building an actual chapel in kuching that will be finsihed sometime next year. now everyone is meeting in shoplots. they had the ground breaking for the building on sunday, but i missed it because i was in sibu. shame. well hopefully i'll have more to talk about next week. i love you guys.
love, zac

hey ma
thanks for the pics, although i am quite surprized you didnt send any of nano with dawn. well i didnt get any at least. we are still a little low on investigators, but this upcoming week we'll be doing lots of finding and referral seeking, so i'm sure things will open up soon. our area is pretty far from the church, so it's kind of hard for people to get there. i like being in a big city, but transport is a pretty big problem here. they are working on a new shoplot closer to our area that should be finished in october, so hopefully by then we'll be getting more people to church. we'll see. i dont have much time left. i thought i'd send you just a quick note to respond. the letter i sent to dad has more info that i intend both of you to read. anyways, thanks for the pics and letting me know about the goings on. hopefully i'll have more to say next week. jangan marah. faham. i love you lots. take care mom.
love, zac

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