Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i picked up my trainee, elder browne.

hey dad. it's elder hill here.

things are going pretty good. well, i finally left singapore and am back in malaysia, which is a good thing. i picked up my trainee, elder browne. he's a pretty cool kid from utah. he's smart too, so it looks like things won't be too tough. it has been kind of rough so far just because neither of us had been to johor before, so it was basically a "white-wash." but the president just wanted to add another companionship, and we were the lucky ones to come here. on monday we went out by ourselves and got lost a little bit. we ride lots of buses around here. one thing i think is crazy is how huge johor is. our area is kind of far away, so we ride a bus for like 20 minutes to a place where we keep our bicycles, and then we ride from there. we don't have anyone to teach really so far since we just got here, and the past few days that we've been here we've just been contacting. it's been fun, but hopefully in the future we'll have more success. i am actually really enjoying johor. it's a pretty cool city, and the members are pretty cool too. i am really excited to work here and am loving every minute so far. plus, i am in a six elder house which is way fun, one of the elders being elder lang, a former companion of mine when i was in sibu jaya. so it's been pretty fun.

anyways, thanks for sending me that letter from elder mabeza. i would love to go meet them, but being in johor bahru, i'm pretty far away from them. if they were ever in johor, i would love to talk to them. or,... we have zone conference in KL, so maybe we could work something out while i am there to see them. i've not yet been to KL before, so i don't know much about getting around, but maybe when i find out when zone conference is we can work something out. that would be so awesome. please thank elder mabeza for the letter. i hope to be able to meet him some day. how long has he been in the ward already? how long has he been a missionary?

well, since i'm still so new to johor, i dont really know what else to say. i'll have more to write next week hopefully. thanks for the letters dad. i'm glad you're getting over your cold. feel better.

love, zac

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