Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A short post

Zac and I went to do a stake sealing assignment at the Temple. While there we met several people who asked Zac about his mission call. They ooh-ed and ah-ed at the exotic place he was assigned to. And some one brought up the bit about chewing gum being illegal and those who broke that law were caned!

When we were just leaving, one elderly sister put a piece of chewing gum into his hand and said "Here, elder, one last stick of gum before you go!"

It was so funny and so cute at the same time.


  1. After Zac got his call, I looked that chewing gum thing up. Turns out, that what he was REALLY caned for was stealing road signs and vandalism (tagging like Jake used to I think).

    So...yeah...spitting chewing gum on the sidewalk was only what made the cop look at him.

  2. That's funny! What kind of sealings can you do if you aren't sealed to a spouse? I guess Zac could have filled in for a son since he's sealed to his parents...