Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a letter to mom

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From: Zachary Hill (zrhill@myldsmail.net)
Sent: Tue 10/20/09 10:52 PM
To: quiltingqueen57@hotmail.com
Hey ma!
I hope you know that it is impossible to not get "too wet" here mom, but I'm glad you
care about me. haha. it actually has been fairly dry this week, but I still have gotten
pretty soaked. speaking of that, it just started raining. darn. we eat lots of curries
and different foods, but nothing to disgusting. to be honest, we dont ever have like
dinner appointments with people here. we just eat if people give us food. there are
lots of vegetables, but nothing too bad. i'll talk to the missionary couple and see
if they can send some pictures, but it'll be like just a few per week, because i dont
want to use up too much of their time. Thanks so much for all the letters you sent
me. I really cant believe that max actually caught a mouse. he's the laziest cat
i've ever seen. pretty nutty. and i can't believe nano and dawn are engaged. i
thought it was never going to happen! haha. i'm glad that you got to see the family.
that sounds like a lot of fun. but i guess i do have some news from over here. I'm
still in kuching, but my trainer got transferred to west malaysia so i have a new
companion now. he got here two days ago. His name is elder pulver. he's pretty cool.
we've been working really hard this week. We've been having a hard time because our
teaching pool is kind of low, so we've been doing a lot of contacting and having
some good success. With found this 20 year old student and we taught him the first
lesson. When we taught him about the Book of Mormon, he was like "where can I get
one of those? i've been really curious about why there are so many churches" so it
was really cool to see someone excited about the message we have to share. we brought
a member to help us out, and you could really feel the spirit there. i don't know
how things are going to go, but i know he could recognize the truth of what we were
saying. it was a really cool experience. about nyssa going on a mission, i would be
really excited if she does. i think it would be a really cool experience for her. I
know it has helped me to learn a lot, and i know it would help her too.
anyways, i love you mom.
it's great to hear from you every week. if you ever think of something you want to
say, dont hesitate to email me :) but i'll talk to you next week.
love, Elder Hill

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