Tuesday, October 6, 2009

a letter home

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From: Zachary Hill (zrhill@myldsmail.net)
Sent: Tue 10/06/09 8:57 PM
To: quiltingqueen57@hotmail.com
hey ma! things are going really well over here. we teach quite a bit, but our teaching
pool is a bit low right now, so we spend a good amount of time contacting too. i feel
like the language is getting so much better. i can actually get involved in
conversations and talk to people. i can almost understand them too! haha. my
comprehension is getting a lot better, but there are still a lot of things i can't
understand. teen agers are really tough for me to understand as well. we were teaching
this group of college aged students and i could barely understand anything! but it's
so fun out here. i never really thought a mission would be this fun. i feel like i
can communicate well for te most part, except when it comes to contacting. i'm still
struggling with that. but i've been working really hard with my language skills, so
hopefully contacting will come pretty soon. the baptism was so cool. my companion did
the actual baptisms, but it was a really cool experience to see people you've been
teaching become members. there were three of them. oh yeah, i got to confer the holy
ghost upon them. that was pretty sweet. i was able to do it in malay and everything.
giving my first blessing in malay was pretty scary, but i really enjoy it. people
here have so much faith. they just come up and ask for blessing because they know it
can help them. sometimes i wonder if i have that much faith. since i'm new, they
pick me quite frequently, so i've had a good amount of experiences with helping
people already. it's ok if jake doesn't have time to talk to me. i trust you'll tell
me if anything comes up with any of the kids. wish them luck for me. i'm glad to hear
it's cooling down for you. it's been pretty cool here as well, but that would be
because it's been raining a good amount. i hear we're getting into monsoon season,
so it's pretty exciting. i've come home soaked for te past couple of days. i can
already tell i'm not going to be bringing any of my clothes home with me. i didnt
get a chance to hear conference yet, but tey put it on dvd and send it to us so i'll
be able to in a few weeks. i'm sorry you had to work through it. dont work yourself
too hard mom. about the earth quake, i didnt even feel it. we dont read the news or
anything, so i had no idea anything went on lol. i'm completely safe. no need to
worry mom. things here are so great. i can't believe i've already been ere over a
month. it feels so normal already. to be honest, the humidity wasn't too bad to get
used to. i'm pretty sure i dont sweat that much more than i did when i was riding my
bike in the las vegas heat. only my mouth doesnt get so dry here, so it's nice. i'm
kind of afraid i'll turn to dust when i get home tho. it's cool that they were able
to come over for dinner. that sounds really fun. your halloween decorations are so
cool here. we dont have any at my house. nobody here celebrates halloween, so we dont
have anything going on. but it should be fun. hopefully i'll be able to find some
good candy at a store to stock up on for halloween night. i miss candy. but we get
ice cream like every week, so it's all good. they have a touristy area that's close
to our house that we go to on p days and buy ice cream and our groceries. it's nice.
i guess i'll just send one letter to you and dad this week since he didnt send me
one. anyways, i have to let you go. i love you mom. take care and have fun. tell
jared happy b day for me. talk to you next week.
love, zac

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