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sept 29, 09

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From: Zachary Hill (zrhill@myldsmail.net)
Sent: Tue 9/29/09 9:11 PM
To: wodenowl@xxxxxxx.xxx
haha that was a silly french story. did you make that up on the spot? did you use that
for your classes? how are the classes coming? mom says your french club is doing well.
i'm glad to hear that. wish i could be there to help you out, but maybe i'll be able
to sometime later. hopefully my french sticks. haha. i cant believe they sent elder
tyler's letter to you! haha. when we got to singapore for the first time, my mission
president thought i was elder tyler. it's funny to see that they mixed it up again!
i dont really know how much i told you about when we went to singapore, but there
were 16 of us newbies from the mtc, which is the biggest group the mission has ever
gotten at one time. anyways, so the mission president had all of our trainers come
and meet us and we had some training with them. that was really cool being together
with so many missionaries and learning about how to teach the gospel better. those
are some of the best times i have. but it's definitely the best while teaching
someone where you can tell what you are saying is changing their life. that is the
coolest experience i have ever had. the people here are really amazing. i wish you
could meet them dad. they are so funny. i really like the experience of seeing how
the church works in a different part of the world, especially since the church here
is so young. it is a really interesting experience. the other day we ran into a
white guy while tracting, and i remember thinking how weird it was to see a white
person. haha. everyone who sees me tho is like "orang putih!" which means white
person. it's funny. also, they call english "white person language. oh man i love it
here. is georgia realy that jungly? i am still amazed every day at the amount of
plant life there is here. about the blow gun, i may get one later in the mission.
you can get pretty cheaply made ones for like 20 ringgit, or really nice ones for
like 300. i dont really know what to do about souvenirs. i'm not thinking i'll get
much. do you have any suggestions about things like that? i'm so inexperienced i
just don't know what to do haha. thanks for the words of support dad. i really
appreciate everything you and mom do for me. know that you are always in my prayers.
i love you all.

love zac

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From: Zachary Hill (zrhill@myldsmail.net)
Sent: Tue 9/29/09 8:59 PM
To: quiltingqueen57@xxxxxxx.xxx
hey ma! yeah i am doing really well. i'm getting used to everything here pretty well now. i'm even starting to be able to understand people on the phone now, which is nice. it's still a little tough to understand people sometimes, but i feel like it's getting much better. as for investigators, we're kind of low at the moment. we have 3 people getting baptized this saturday tho. that is really exciting. the family is really awesome. i love meeting with them and teaching them. i accidently stored my baptismal pants in singapore, so i'll have to wait til i go back to singapore til i can get them. that'll be anywhere from 2-4 months. but what can you do. i think the other missionaries would let me borrow them if i needed them. but on saturday my companion will be doing the actual baptisms. i'm excited dad has a sizeable french club. i wish i had helped him out more with it. maybe when i get back i'll be able to some time. about the souvenirs, i'm not exactly sure how many i'll get. stuff is fairly cheap, but i don't know what exactly is worth getting and all that, you know? i think i'm going to wait a while before i get anything for myself at least, so i can figure things out a little better. i'm still trying to adjust to everything. but you're pretty lucky it'll get to 70's. it never cools down here. lol. but i like it. even when they serve me piping hot chocolate i enjoy it. we had zone conference last week and it was really good. they taught us about the steps to receive revelation, and told us that we need to work with revelation or we will never be as effective as we could be, so this week we've been working pretty hard. we're working with the members to try to get referrals. i never really realized how important referrals were to the work until i came out on the mission. i really like to teach people and testify to them. it feels so good to have that witness that what you are saying is true. i'm sorry about all the working you've been doing mom. how are you feeling? i hope you are taking care of yourself. i pray fro you and dad every night. i trust everything is well with you. have you been doing anything together lately besides all the movies? i'm glad to hear you're taking a class at jo anns. that sounds really fun for you. tell jared and amber congrats for me, and tell brittanie and matt to keep trying! haha. how is jake doing by the way? i've asked a couple people and no one tells me. but it's ok. well, i gotta let you go mom. i love you and hope you are doing well. talk to you next week.
love zac

From: Janice Hill
To: Zac Hill
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2009 21:12:36 -0700

Just have to tell you in case you're still on. Ashley Blevins is getting married in
December. Just found out today. Thought you'd like to know.
Love Mom

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From: Zachary Hill (zrhill@myldsmail.net)
Sent: Tue 9/29/09 9:23 PM
To: quiltingqueen57@xxxxxxx.xxx

wow i didnt really think i'd find out about someone getting married while i was out
here. i thought i didn't really know anyone. that's funny. thanks for thinking of me
mom :) take care!

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