Wednesday, September 23, 2009

letter from the missionaries downstairs

I am not really senile - Read this one first.‏
From: Nancy Young (
Sent: Wed 9/23/09 3:48 AM

Dear Br. and Sister Hill,
I am so embarrassed!!
I was writing Elder Tyler's parents and at the wrong address and sent it to you.
Please delete all three of those and read this one about your son.
We are the senior couple that are working in Kuching with Elder Hill. No we are not infirm and senile. I was just trying to get these off to the parents of the two new Elders before it got any later and looked at the wrong email address. We are so pleased to have the opportunity to work with your son Elder Hill. His enthusiasm for the work, even riding his bike, is very contagious. He is really doing well and working so hard. He brings a maturity to the group that is very helpful, yet is very teachable. He has great imput at district meetings and is very focused on the work. The elders live in an apartment just upstairs from us and it is so nice to see them each day as they go out or come home. Elder Hill is so polite and appreciative of all that we do, which isn't very much. You have raised a young man who will be a great missionary.
He was going to send you some pictures, but they don't have alot of time when emailing so I told him I would be happy to do that for him. He downloaded some on to the computer and said just send a few at a time. I picked what I thought was a good represetation for you. I will have to send them in two or three emails as they take up alot of room.
The first one is of the apartment we all live in. As you can see it is very nice and comfortable. His apartment is on the top floor on the right. It starts at the far end of the brown and goes all the way over and back. His bedroom is the back two windows. It is very safe here.
The next is of the four elders that live together in a district. The first, Elder Rajah, is from Australia and is of Sri Lankan decent and is your son's companion. He is a fine elder and will be a great trainer for elder Hill. The next is Elder Herbst, and is the district leader. He is from Salmon, Idaho. The next, I believe you know. and the last is Elder Tyler who came out with your son from the MTC. He is from Jackson Hole, Wyo. They are a great foursome. All very hard workers and obedient.
The next picture is of the jungle behind our apartment that we get to look out on everyday from our living room windows.
We are so greatful for the opportunity to work with Elder Hill. Thanks for helping him prepare for his mission. He is going to be a great missionary and leader, I am sure.We have had 5 sons serve missions, and though it didn't happen very often or with all of them, anytime I got word from someone who had been with them, it made me very happy. Please rest assured, Elder Hill is doing well and is happy in the work.
We are from Fillmore, Utah and have been here almost 14 months now. We love it here. These people are very humble and teachable, the natives that is, which is who he will be working with.
Thanks for sharing your son with us,
Elder and Sister Young
Nancy Young

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