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From: Zachary Hill (
Sent: Wed 9/23/09 8:53 PM

hey dad
it's good to hear from you. i'm glad you like your french classes this year. i really
wish i had a chance to speak more french. i talk to myself in french sometimes when we
are riding in between appointments, but it's tough sometimes because malay words just
come out in a french accent every so often. it's gonna be pretty silly when i try to
speak when i get home. i feel like i still remember a good amount but it's only been
a few months. i can really see why people hold their mission experiences so close to
them tho. this is the hardest but funnest thing i've ever done. i tell you, it's
such an experience! i never wouldve dreamed it would be like this. i cant even
really describe everything that happens. i wish i had more to tell you, but it's
hard to remember at times. when i get back and i get talking about it i'm sure ill
have good stories. we've been listening to a bunch of christmas tunes at the house,
and everyone really likes the grinch song. we hear it at least 3 times a day. haha.
everyone just cant wait til christmas. they tell me that all the members feed you
beyond belief then. when we go to peoples houses, they wont let you leave til youve
eaten all the food theyve prepared. it's pretty nuts to be honest. this family
always makes a whole loaf of jelly sandwiches for us and makes us eat them all so
needless to say i can eat jelly now. tell mom to take it easy. she needs to take
care of herself. but i really appreciate the french story you sent me. i love to
test out my french. thanks for everything you do for me dad. sorry this letter is so
short, but it's zone conference day today and there's not much time to email.
anyways, i'll be able to talk to you next week.
i love you dad

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From: Zachary Hill (
Sent: Wed 9/23/09 8:46 PM
hey ma
our area is a little slow at the moment so we're going out tracting a lot to try to pick up some new investigators. we have one family scheduled for baptism the first saturday in october, and they are keeping all there commitments so it looks really good. they are such a cool family. they love having us over. the mom was telling us that when she saw my companion and his previous comp going around their neighborhood she knew she wanted to listen to them and here she is about to get baptized! i tell you the mission has some of the best spiritual experiences ever. testifying to people is so great. you can just feel within yourself that what you are saying is true, and that the people you are teaching will recognize it, whether they choose to follow or not. it's a really special experience. i'm starting to understand why everyone talks about their missions like they do. about the bugs, theyre everywhere! i get bitten so many times a day by crazy mosquitos. i have a few on my face too! but im getting used to it. hopefully soon i wont even notice anymore. the spider arent too bad here. there's lots of little ones, but not too many big ones. they have some pretty big scorpions which is crazy. i ran one over on my bike the other day. haha. i hope you and dad are having fun without all of us there. have you watched anything cool lately? oh and i havent gotten any letters yet. if i start getting too many emails i really might not be able to respond to them all. i only get 1 hour talking to everybody, so i'd have to keep everything really short. that's really cool that adrienne is coming tho. that should be fun. jameson is gonna be so old when i get back. haha. but time is really flying here. can you believe i've almost been gone for three months? hopefully late october ill finish my training. the people here dont really celebrate halloween so i'll probably just buy myself a ton of candy. mmmm! how is work going by the way? are you feeling ok? dont be too hard on yourself. it's funny because sometimes i think about the time back home and dad starts work like right as i'm preparing for bed. i dont really even feel that far away tho. malaysia is realy cool. have you gotten any pics from me yet? i put some pictures on our retired couples pc and they said they'd send some. let me know how that goes. the retired couple, the youngs, are so good to us. they really take care of us. i'm glad to have them here. anyways, i dont have much time so i'll talk to you later ma!
i love you so much and take care!
love, zac

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