Wednesday, December 23, 2009


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From: Zachary Hill (
Sent: Tue 12/22/09 9:48 PM
hey dad. it's really good to hear from you. things are going really well here in
malaysia, but i guess i'll tell you more about that when i call you. it is pretty
tough to describe that awesomeness of malaysia in writing. i'm glad to hear you are
doing well. i hope you are having fun with your break from school. haha.
that's funny about erin. how much does she know how to say now? it's crazy how fast
those little kids grow up. i've only been gone 5 months! a.n. sent me a pic of
jameson and he's already getting big. nuts. anyways, have a nice merry christmas.
talk to you in a few :)
love, elder hill

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From: Zachary Hill (
Sent: Tue 12/22/09 9:42 PM
hey ma
i'm sorry i never got the email that you sent. speaking of pictures, maybe could you snail mail a picture of the entire family to me, laminated if possible? if that's too much trouble, don't worry about it, but the people here really like to see pictures of our families, and i left all my pictures in singapore. take care of yourself and dont work too hard. tell the fam i love them, and i'll talk to them in a few.
love, elder hill

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