Tuesday, April 27, 2010

. . . it was that lady who was pregnant . . .

Zachary Royden Hill
to me
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hey dad
the macaroni grill sounds pretty good right now. they dont have
anything close to that in sibu jaya. but in june i'll be going to
singapore to renew my visa. hopefully around then i'll eat some good
food again. carl's jr or applebee's. or both. life is good here in the
singapore mission. it's so much different from what i've heard of
other people's missions, but i love it. craziness all the time. so who
all is in the bishopric? i've forgotten. also, who's in the stake
presidency? it'll be stange being interviewed by someone new when i
get home.

so you're gonna be able to go to the tournament of kings this year eh?
is your french club pretty big? do they actually speak french there,
or do they just sit and speak english like the old ones did? if i were
there, i tell you what. i'd break out my cane and go crazy. anyways, i
hope they enjoy. wish i could be there, but maybe sometime later. it's
a shame about father's and sons. you could always just go up in the
morning for breakfast like some other people used to do. where is it
this year?

hey thanks for wishing me a happy birthday. 20 is pretty old. i dont
know what to do with myself. i think i'll spend my birthday teaching
people. i was excited a few weeks back when i realized my birthday
would be on a pday. then they scheduled zone conference that week and
changed pday to the day after my birthday. but i cant complain. zone
conference pdays are all day. so it's a pretty good present from the

i dont know if the people here like my head or what, but they sure do
like messing with me. crazy people. ive changed a lot it feels like
just from hanging out with these crazy people. we have a lot of fun
tho. i really cant believe time is going so fast on my mission. i
guess it really is true what the stake president said when he set me
apart. i'm glad i still have a long while left tho. there's so many
more things that i'd like to experience about this part of the world.
also, my malay can use a little more development. i acn speak easily
to people, and there arent many things i have difficulty describing or
talking about, but i still use such basic words. learning a language
is a lot of fun. speaking of languages, how's that welsh of yours

this past week we had a few new investigators. some seem like they
could be pretty good. others, i'm not so sure about, but we keep
trying. there are some people who have made tons of progress who i
thought would make the least amount of progress when i first met them.
it's crazy how there are certain things that you just can't predict.
you never know how someone will react when they feel the spirit. it's
cool to see tho. i really just cant describe how unprepared i was when
i first came out. i had no idea what to expect and had to change in
many ways.

anyways, i'm gonna skedaddle. hope you have a good week. talk to you later.
love zac

Zachary Royden Hill
to me
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hey ma. people have a lot more respect for me now that i'm the big
cheese. be jealous. fear me! i'm kidding. what a joke. we did have a
baptism last week, which was good. it was this lady who had never been
christian before. she's pretty good and was pretty excited. i've been
meaning to send pictures but last week the computer wouldnt read my
camera, and this week i'm in sibu town on exchanges because my comp is
in singapore renewing his visa. in my ignorance, i neglected to bring
my usb cord, so pictures will have to wait another week. i'm starting
to build up a good collection i want to send. my new comp always takes
pictures and it's starting to rub off on me a little bit. when it
comes to the spider, i'm sad to say it sounds like you may have an
image in your head that is bigger than what it was in reality. i may
have exaggerated in my description. i get bored out here in a house
with just me and my comp. something needs to keep me going. it was a
lot bigger than the average spider you get going around. dont worry,
next week you'll see.

so what are the cool movies that you've seen lately. i've seen some
pretty good ones lately too. the joseph smith film restoration and
finding faith in christ. people seem to like seeing the story more
than just hearing it from us. but other than that, not many movies.
our mission president approves a list of 5 movies every few months
that we can watch on pday, but the newest list is impossible to find
in sibu jaya.

so, we also have another baptism coming up this week. it was that lady
who was pregnant. she had her kid now and is ready for baptism. she's
solid. the work is going pretty well. we've got a few new families.
there is a man named patrick who is awesome. he seems to really get
what we are teaching him, and he seems pretty excited to go see how
our church is. he should come this sunday. we'll see how it goes from
there. also, there is another family where the father works in kuching
and comes back for pretty much sunday only. we taught them only once
and invited them to church, and they surprized us by actually coming.
and then saying they would come again next week. so that's a good
thing. it'll be a little tougher only being able to meet with the
husband once a week, but we're still gonna keep working on him. there
are a few other families that have potential that we are still just
working on. hopefully all will go well. dont worry about my getting
nasty kuih tho. i always get something nasty. you just learn to eat
without tasting much, know what i'm saying? being picky my whole life,
i started developing that art before i even came out. (tactics like
swallowing in stead of chewing first.) i'm really loving life here
tho. i'm hoping to be in sibu jaya for a long while yet. at least til
after i hit my year. i really just love malay. and speaking malay.
it's good. i wish there were more people who spoke malay in america.
anyways, i'm sorry for just rambling. this week has been a little
strange since my comp is in singapore. hopefully i'll have more cool
stuff to say next week + pics. take care of yourself and have a fun
week. dont do anything to crazy now.
love, zac

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