Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a pretty terrifying experience with a spider

hey dad
i just wanted to drop a note and tell you things are going well here. like i told mom, i've got a new companion named elder lang. he's from california. that's pretty much as much as i know about him. anyways, we've been having some good lessons and are preparing more people for baptism. we've got one coming up this weekend. that'll be good. hopefully i remember my camera this time. we're just working to find more new investigators, and more people to come to church. it's been a fun week, and i imagine it will continue to be fun.

something just came to my memory. we got cell phones a few months back, and they did away with the lan lines at our house. i guess phone cards dont work with the cell phones we have or some strange thing like that. anyways, president put out a new policy that for mothers day and christmas calls, you and mom will have to be the ones making the call, because it is free in malaysia to receive calls. anyways, i figured i'd tell you early so that you can figure out if it's worth it to call me or not and how to do it. i'll leave that decision up to you. anyways, i hope to hear from you soon. i hope things are going well back home and that you are giving your students a ton of homework. talk to you next week. i lve you dad.
love, zac

hey ma.
how's it going? things here are going pretty well. i just got a new companion on monday. his name is elder lang. it's always strange to get a new comp. i've changed a lot on my mission, but i still dont like things to change. i think we'll do well tho. we have a baptism coming up this friday. it should be pretty good. it's a lady whose husband will be baptized next month, and the ladies sister. we're still working on the sister's family as well. i dont know what the deal is, but men are so much less receptive to the message here. not to mention that there are tons of families whose fathers work out of town and only come back once in a few months. but we are still trying to prepare the rest of our investigators for baptism and find some new ones. we went to a flat last week that we hadn't been to yet so we could do some contacting. normally most people are inside their houses, but there were tons of people outside just staring at us. we started talking to this lady and then all these kids and a few adults surrounded us. we had this kind of soap box preaching deal going on for about 10 mintues teaching about joseph smith. it was pretty sweet. there was this one lady who said she really wanted to go to our church. hopefully we can get her to come out this sunday. we'll be holding general conference so it'll give everyone a chance to see a living prophet. that's a pretty cool opportunity. a lot of people here are kind of amazed that there is a man alive today who can receive revelation from God. so we think it'll be good for our little group.

i had a pretty terrifying experience with a spider a few days ago. the thing was a bird eater. it went straight for my jugular. luckily i had a thing of cockroach killer spray in my hand. when i sprayed it, it jumped about ten feet in the air onto our brick wall. i snapped a picture, but i forgot my camera today. i'll have to get it to you next week. so after about 10 minutes of spraying this thing with cockroach killer, he falls off the wall and starts to curl up. my comp lit a piece of paper on fire and tossed it onto the spider and the thing got up and started runnin around again with flames shooting off its legs! i asked the group leader about them, and he said they were completely harmless. i'm not ashamed to admit i was terrified nonetheless. i tell you what, you never know what you're going to run into in sibu jaya. other than that, nothing too special going on. i dont know really enough about my comp to give you a run down on him. things have been kind of awkward around here, being just the two of us. but i'm still just as excited as all get out about our area. life is good. anyways, i gotta run. take care of yourself ma.
love, zac

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