Tuesday, May 25, 2010

67 people at church

Zachary Royden Hill
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hey dad
how's it going? things are going pretty well here. so about the ringworm, it wasn't a bad case. i had had it before so i had some medicine left over. when i wrote last week it was already pretty much gone. it's just adding insult to injury to have it on the face. the work here is going pretty crazy. last week we had 67 people total at church. it's getting pretty big. there's a big holiday next week, so we'll have to see how things go. but next month is looking like it will be good. we've had like 3 separate families ask us if/when they can be baptized before we even brought it up, so that was pretty cool. anyways, one of the families are the mother and sisters of a 21 year old dude we baptized back in march. they're pretty cool and they've already been inviting friends to church. we're starting to get some talkative members and it's really helping out with our success. another family is a 16 year old daughter of one of our investigators and her 18 year old husband. they're young, but theyre pretty good. they've been to church and they understand well about Joseph Smith and the need for a restoration. the problem is he might start working far away, so we're gonna see what we can do about keeping him here. we are in dire need of some men. i know it'd be really good for his family for him to stay here. we're working on a man who has 13 children. not all of them live at home, but they are a pretty big chunk of our investigators. we're working on getting them to stop smoking, and they seem to be doing pretty well. we've been calling them at night to remind them about their goals to stop smoking and to help them whenever we can. we also are doing that with another man named clement. the man is hilarious. he's pretty big for an iban. almost as tall as me and a lot stockier. we call him at night and he loves talking to us. he went from smoking 20 in a day to 2. he's hovering at 2. but he said he's gonna try to put it down today, so we'll see how that goes tonight. he's a truck driver so he only can meet with us on saturday and sunday. but like i said there's an iban holiday this upcoming week that tons of people are going out of town for. he told us he wanted to wait til after church to go out of town. what faith. anyways, that's about all i got going on so far. things are going awesome and i love malaysia. wee! it's pretty cool that you are nearing an end on the school year and you get to spend a summer with the grand kids. i hope things are going well at home and ill talk to you next week.
love zac

hey ma.
you know sometimes ring work just likes to appear on it's own. maybe i shook hands with a kid and scratched my face or something like that. but yeah i had some medicine so it's all good again. but yeah we're hoping to get some parties for our little group going on pretty soon. get people getting to know each other and become friends. we've been kind of doing that already by bringing memebers to other members house to teach recent convert lessons. things are all going pretty well here. lots of people to teach. lots of people coming to church. hopefully lots of good baptisms coming in the future. we've got zone conference next week, so i may be writing a day early or a day late. who knows. hopefully next week wil be fun. the people here have a harvest festival called gawai and pretty much everyone in the group that is still in town wants us to go to their house and eat. so i could gain a few pounds next week. anyways, that's pretty much all the news i have. i hope you read dad's so you can get the rest of the scoop on my week. anyways, i gotta go. love you ma. talk to you next week.
love, zac

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