Thursday, May 6, 2010

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Zachary Royden Hill
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so the last one is an old iban man that fought the japanese back when they came to malaysia. his neck tatoo means he was a warrior.

above that is a picture of a flat with all it's laundry on a sunny day after a few days of rain. i was impressed at least.

then there is a picture of me and elder lang with kitty, the lady who got baptized last week. i love that woman. she's awesome.

above that is a birthday party i went to for the sister of a recent convert. it's tradition for them to feed their guests the birthday cake, so this pic is me getting a slice. mmm!

above that was a funny pic of two kids we caught on a date. i tell you what, they sure do start early here in sibu jaya!

above that is a lady named jovina who got baptized 2 weeks ago. she's the only one who's been giving us referrals. pretty awesome member, if a little crazy at times. haha.

above that is a lady named bintang. she's a pretty funny iban lady. i liked her hat. she should be baptized in the group getting baptized tomorrow with her daughter.

above that is the long awaited spider zilla. look at his red eyes and glistening fangs. what a terror.

and the last picture on the very top is a lady named ramlah, the first baptism we had in sibu jaya with her daughter, priscilla. what an awesome family.

so that's all the pics, from bottom to top. hope you enjoy and hopefully next week i'll get you some more.

love zac

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