Tuesday, November 16, 2010

we're trying to get some good solid new people

hey dad

well, they're just working you in the ward, huh? watch out. next thing you know is they'll call you as bishop! good that you're helping out the ward tho. how is the ward doing? our branch in kuching is doing well so far. we're just working on those baptisms. has our ward in las vegas had any baptisms lately? i wish i knew of some when i was there so i could go to them. baptisms are so much better when the members come to support. i've really seen the difference. back in sibu jaya, our first baptism had 3 members, and it was pretty sad. but the people getting baptized always feel tons better when they see lots of people supporting them.

i'm sorry i havent been sending as many pictures as nyss. i just never think to take pictures. also, i didnt bring my cord today, so you'll have to wait til next week to get some pics from me. i'll try really hard this week to find some cool ones, so i can send them to you. i do have a favor to ask of you tho.. if you could help me out. well, time has been going by really fast, and it's already time to start thinking about school again. unfortunately, i dont have much time on the internet. so i was wondering if you could look on the byu website and look up information for me so i can start working on a transfer from csn to byu. like forms and things i have to fill out. if you had time, that would be really awesome.

anyways, good luck with your double calling. i know you're up to it. it's good the ward is utilizing you more. what i wouldn't give for a melchizidek priesthood holder like you in my branch! also, good luck with your class. sometimes it just takes things being shaken up for kidds to really learn things. i definitely feel like that on my mission. i was really shaken up.

anyways, this week was pretty strange. lots of new families we're working with that we're still evaluating their interest level. all our solid people are getting baptized, so we're trying to get some good solid new people. we've been trying this for a few weeks, but most of our potentials as of yet have just been not to interested in the church. but we'll keep working. we know that next month will also be nice. weee christmas. our thanksgiving will probably be some sort of zone activity, but besides that, nothing. the senior couples will be out of town, which fact we will mourn for the next week.

anyways, thanks for the letter dad. i gotta run, but i'll have your pictures and more news next week.

love, zac

hey mom. don't worry about investigators falling off. i read a quote in brigham young's teachings and he said if we go to one city and they don't reaceive us, to just go to the next city and work there. so if one person doesn't want, we find someone who does. well, obviously we are still sad and try to help them overcome concerns, but we don't waste time on the sadness. we just keep working and finding as many people that want as possible. we had ruzh get baptized this last week. it was really good but the turn out from our branch was really small. he has an awesome testimony. and he just got interviewed for the priesthood and hopefully tomorrow we'll meet with one of his friends and get him on date for baptism. so things are looking up. we had three more that i was expecting last week, but we came to an unexpected problem, and 2 of them will happen this saturday. the other will hopefully happen sometime in the future.

but mom, i'm really proud of you for doing some good member work. bringing a less active back to church. i wish more people here would do that. just keep trying and i know you'll be successful. i also know that God will bless you. so much happiness comes from helping people come back to the church, and i'm sure desiree will be just as happy. just follow the spirit to help her come back. but you can always tell her if she keeps coming to church, i'll go on a date with her when i get back. it's all about promising blessings when you commit people to do something, you know what i mean?. anyways, don't feel bad that you fell asleep. it could happen to anyone. i definitely haven't been perfect out here on the mission. you can't beat yourself up. you just have to keep going forward, knowing you are doing a great work. i'm really excited to hear about your member work mom. keep it up!

anyways, i have had a pretty strange week. we did a lot of contacting and got lots of shaky investigators that we're trying to figure out what to do with. our really solid people are all getting baptized and we're left with the shaky ones. so while contacting, i was walking from one house to another, but was kind of looking at the ground. my comp was behind me, so he didnt see. anyways, i almost ran into this girl who was also looking at the ground while she was walking (that's what i get for not "walking with a purpose") anyways, it was really awkward for a bit, and i just went into contact mode and started talking to her about the church. she was christian but said she lived with mulsims, and next month "might" be invited to join islam. but she said she wanted to learn and invited us back. that was pretty weird. so we went back, and found out she's engaged to a mulsim guy! so we were just wondering if we could even teach this girl. we couldnt even have secret english communication between each other to regroup like we normally can, because she spoke english. so we decided to give her a pamphlet and asked her to give it to her parents to see if we could teach them. what a crazy experience. lots of people in that area invited us back. unfortunately, none of them know anything about christianity besides that you cant change churches if you've already joined one. which is a pretty big obstacle. and we've also been hit by some anti lately. lots of people quoting the bible as promising God will never send another prophet. somehow, everyone has heard that scripture, but doesn't know where it is.

but puras fam is doing well. they're the ones getting baptized this week. we also have ing's family who is doing so well. they really like church and have such good fellowship into the church. they are solid, so now we are working on the father (who still hides when we come. he does talk with us a few minutes not before he hides, so a little improvement) and also the son and his wife. we'll see how that goes. on top of that, lots of potential but still unsure how that will go. sifting through the people who just absolutely wont listen to us to find those who will. it's been fun.

yeah i had heard that dawn is pregnant. also, that's awesome jake's prospect of a better job is promising. and also, thanks so much for sending me a package mom. you are the best. my comp will appreciate it too. we've been having lots of fun together and hearing from you guys back home makes it all better. i hope you guys are doing well. take care of yourself mom. there's so much more i could say, but not a lot of time, so i gotta go. i love you and i'll talk to you next week.

love, zac

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