Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I think all the building would fall down!

hey dad. yeah, when it comes to earth quakes, malaysia gets nothing. i had no idea about any earth quakes. lucky thing for malaysia there aren't any earthquakes, because i think all the building would fall down. it would be quite a scene. gotta feel sorry for indonesia. they have lots of things like malaysia, just poorer quality. except their music is way better, from what i hear as i randomly walk past people blaring their music. almost no one listens to malaysian music here.

but things are going really well. unfortuantely, we just had a good string of baptisms, and now we may not have one for a bit. we've been working on getting some solid investigators, but people just insist on being shaky. i've never had a point in my mission where so many people have gotten anti'd and just avoided me, but you know, you just gotta keep working. lots of people have been hiding from us and not letting us talk to them, but i take it as a sign that satan knows he has to stop these people from hearing us in order to stop them from getting converted. i don't ever leave a place without telling the people i know this message and church are true. i don't ever want to leave them doubting whether i believe this will all my heart, so hopefully in the future those people that just won't listen will have open hearts. we've been doing lots of contacting lately, since the area where we live has almsot no members (which means almost no referrals) you pick up the shadiest people when knocking. it's alsways interesting. i wrote mom about some of my investigators, so hopefully you can read that email to get an update on some of the people. hopefully at the end of december or most likely in january these people can get baptized.

so school's almost halfway over for you, eh? can you believe how fast time goes by? i got my release date, and i guess it is 27 july, 2011. so i guess i still have a good while left. seeing as time is going by fast, i was wondering if you could go on the byu website for me and maybe do some research so i can transfer to byu? if you could, email me the forms so i can print them out and fill them out at my house? i only have 1 hour email, so if i went to figure things out on my own i probably wouldn't have any time to email you guys. but it may come to that soon. the transfer stuff is due in like 2 months i hear, so i dont have much time left. anyways, if you could do that for me i would greatly appreciate it.

next week we have a big conference here in kuching, so that should be fun. all the missionaries in sarawak will come. i'm pretty excited. but that's all i have for this week. i love you dad. thanks for the emails and support. hope you are doing well. take care, and i'll talk to you next week.

love, zac

hey mom
yeah we had some baptisms last week. the cyber cafe that i go to has disabled the function to access files from my camera on the computers, so you guys won't be receiving any pictures until i get transferred. unless i decide to go print some out and snail mail them to you. we'll see. anyways, it was ing's family. they are really awesome and were excited. we had a good turnout from the ward. it was a pretty stressful baptism because we had lots of baptisms in the ward and finding baptismal clothing was a nightmare. there's something interesting about malaysia. if the missionaries don't do it, it won't get done. we don't have any new baptisms for a while. we're still trying to work with the potential investigators we have so they will come to church. last week, we didnt have anyone new come, which was disappointing, but hopefully this upcoming sunday will be good.

let's see, when it comes to investigators, we have a few people that i'll talk about. i think i mentioned a man named nepi and his family. he lives with his wife, and his sister and brother in law. they are catholic, but seem pretty good when we teach them. open and receptive. they didnt come to church because they were sick, but they seem to really want to try coming to church.

we also have this lady named mary that randomly came into a church party we had, and we started teaching her. i gave her our phone number, and for the 2nd or 3rd time, i've had someone call me on a contact. that never happens. but she did. so we got her to come to church, but as we teach, she somehow brings everything back to work. her life is just work and she doesn't seem to know how to talk about anything else. she just lives by herself and works like 12 hour days. we're really glad she's listening to us about the gospel, because we know it will help her. but it's pretty tough, because we'll be like "so how would you feel if God appeared to you right now?" then she'll pause and be like "well, my supervisor ... etc." pretty strange. we're hoping to use a really nice lady member who can help her feel welcome.

then we have this guy named binong. we were on our way to a potential investigators house, but they weren't home. so we looked around and saw this guy staring at us in his yard next door. he was just asking for us to come talk to him. so we did and he seemed nice. he actually seems to be really prepared. after 2 lessons he really seems to understand what we teach, but unfortunately works on sunday. work on sunday is a nightmare, because bosses are more like slave owners. they can make people work whenever just because they feel like it, and if people refuse to work on sunday, they could get fired. horrible situation. so we're hoping he can get sundays off. plus, he's a pretty funny guy and likes having us over.

also, there's a lady named bungit and her husband, carpenter. they're pretty awesome. the husband is huge! and he shakes hands like a man. they fed us some dilicious pineapple which i was holding when he came to shake my hand and he shook so hard the pineapple flew out of my hand! how embarassing. we had a really good lesson with them i think on monday, and hopefully on saturday we'll be able to see them again and make sure they are coming to church. if things go well, we could have a really good sunday this week. we'll have to see how it goes. you never know what's going to happen.

that's kind of all the investigators worth talking about up to this point. all the others we've met only like once and there's not much to say. anyways, about the package, i haven't gotten it yet, but next week we are having a big meeting here in kuching, and the mission president and assistants will come here from singapore, so they should bring it to me. that should be good. thanks so much mom. you guys are the best. i'm glad you enjoyed the concert, but i'm sorry it's been so cold in las vegas. nice and toasty here. anyways, i think that's all i have for this week. love you, and hope you have a good week.
talk to you later.
love zac

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