Wednesday, December 8, 2010

marshmallow heads

hey dad
thanks so much for sending that byu thing to me. you guys are the best! by the way, i apologize i didnt explain about the contents of the package. the two things of fabric are for mom and the carvings are for you, like you had assessed (but i had intended the prayer rug for myself..) i'm sorry the shield broke. malaysian pst takes special care with items, as you can tell. but unfortunately no insurance. i guess that'll be that.

anyways, there are a few more things i ask your help with.

please visit the site below and order my official transcript so it can be sent to byu. you have access to my account, so please use my funds for the required fees.

also, i was wondering if you could visit the byu application website you sent me to just check the info i've written so far. i wont complete it this week, hopefully next week. but i would ask you to check it over and please correct any errors you find.

[sensitive info deleted]

anyways, i apologize i dont have much time. the work has been pretty slow this week anyway, so i'll give you guys an update next week when time permits. thank you so much for your help dad. i am helpless without you guys. if all else fails, we can talk on christmas. in regards to that, i will call on your christmas eve around the afternoon if that works with you guys. please let me know the phone number you would like me to call.

also, i got the package you guys sent me. such an awesome package! you guys are the best. those pickle head marshmallows. you guys really know what i like. i'm sorry for the trouble of sending me a package, but i really do appreciate it so much. thanks. talk to you next week dad. i love you.

love, zac

Hey mom. you are the best!! thanks so much for that package. it was so awesome. the marshmallow heads. where in the world did you find those? my package got opened up in the air port from singapore to kuching and the people were trying to figure out was those marshmallows were. nothing happened, they just wanted to check nothing dangerous was inside.

pretty crummy about the package i sent. but i told dad what to do with the things. i guess you guys can really do whatever you want with it.

that's pretty cool that desiree went to church. i know that as she stays active and coming to church functions, she will learn to really enjoy it (even if there are lots of criers at testimony meeting. i didnt learn to appreciate it til i was on my mission) is she in our ward boundaries? that's cool you guys are meeting with her at your house. it's awesome to have missionaries over. i cant wait to help them out when i get back. anyways, not much happened, and i dont have much time. i apologize this is so short, but there'll be more next week. love you so much mom! keep being awesome!

love, zac

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