Thursday, December 23, 2010

day before christmas

hey dad. thanks for the email. sorry about your teaching experience. anyways, i dont have much time. pday went crazy this week. but i can explain everything you want when we talk on christmas. my phone number is xxx-xx-xxx-xxx-xxxx and i have asked mom to call me on christmas anywhere from 3-5pm your time christmas day, so she wont be at work and i can talk to her as well. hopefully this works for you. anyways, talk to you whenever you call.

love, zac

hey mom

no problem about the pics. i understand it's pretty tough to remember things like that. i've printed out some pics, and hopefully i'll be sending them to you via snail mail so you have something to look at. i tried to describe them a little bit in pen on the back, but it got all smeary and ugly. shame. hope you enjoy it anyway.

but as it comes to christmas, it would not be christmas without talking to both of my parents. so i imagine you dont work on christmas, but if you do, please take it off. i'll have time for you to call anywhere from 3-5 pm your time christmas day, which will be around 7-9am 26 dec my time. right before i go to church, so that would be great. i hope this works out.

anyways, a bidayuh is a tribe here in malaysia. the kids are naughty in that they just run around and get everywhere. i guess one thing i have to explain is that malaysians use the word "nakal" (which loosely translates to naughty) in reference to all kids. i've just gotten so used to calling kids nakal it just carries over into english. anyways, i dont have any time really today, so you can just write down any questions you want to ask me for when we talk on christmas day. (remember to call me anytime from 3-5pm your time on christmas). love you lots mom. talk to you later.
love, zac

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