Tuesday, November 24, 2009

before thanksgiving

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From: Zachary Hill (zrhill@xxxxxxx.xxx)
Sent: Tue 11/24/09 7:54 PM
To: quiltingqueen57@xxxxxxx.xxx
hey ma! thanks for the pictures. they are always so fun. how have you been?
thanksgiving is going to start over here in a few hours. we have two retired couples
here in kuching, and about 12 missionaries, and we are all getting together today to
celebrate, i'm really excited. i love my zone here in kuching. it smells so good
already, but i'm gonna miss all you guys back home. i hope you all have fun as well.
nyssa really shouldnt worry about any of that getting ready for the mission. it's
really easy. no sweat. i'm sorry it's been cold. it gets a little chilly here as well
when we're soaked to the bone, even if it is 80°! it's been raining as much as ever,
but i love it. there's something so fun about riding through water up to your calves
. especially since people we contact into know us as the crazy guys who ride bikes in
the rain. that's a good conversation starter. we had one family move away the week
before their baptism date, but the rest of our investigators are doing well. we are
getting new ones all the time and just teaching, teaching, teaching! it's fun. we've
been trying to involve the members a lot more and they've really stepped up. our
members here are awesome, and the lessons really go so much better with a member
there, and when we make sure they are involved in the teaching. we are teaching this
new guy named castro. he's awesome. we were giving him some homework to read before
we came back a second time and we asked if there was something specific he wanted to
read about, and he said "something about my journey to baptism." he's really smart
and speaks really good english as well. he says my malay sounds funny :( hahaha.
tell everyone back home that i love them. i'm gonna try to snail mail some pictures
out to you this week. hopefully all goes well. it's really conbersome and time
consuming to send them over the internet, so never fear! anyways, i love you and
i'll talk to you next week.
love, elder hill

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