Tuesday, November 10, 2009

november 10

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From: Zachary Hill (zrhill@myldsmail.net)
Sent: Tue 11/10/09 7:51 PM
To: wodenowl@hotmail.com
hey dad. oh man everybody calls me bukit garang. the other missionaries even tell
their new investigators that i'm bukit garang. the members here really get a kick
out of it. especially when we ask who is going to pray. they look over and say
"bukit garang!"

it looks like the french club is fun. i miss cheese. i havent had cheese for a few
months. haha. so all the missionaries looked over as i pulled the picture up and
thought that the girl in the pic was writing me. they make so much fun of me, but
it's hilarious. i love all the guys that are in my apartment. we have so much fun
together and get work done while doing it. the work is coming along pretty well, and
we expect to have a good number of baptisms before the year is up.

i can't believe mom fell. i'm glad she's not hurt. typical mom to start laughing
after a fall tho. she's so funny.

thanks for the letter dad. i really appreciate that you think of me. but i have to
go. take care and have fun. i love you.

love, elder hill

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From: Zachary Hill (zrhill@myldsmail.net)
Sent: Tue 11/10/09 7:42 PM
To: quiltingqueen57@hotmail.com
hey mom
i am having so much fun here. the time is sure flying by. i can't believe you fell! you need to take care of yourself ma! haha. i hope you are feeling all right. i got a pic of the watermelon. i'll try to get it sent off to you sometime soon. the "stinky" fruit is a "durian" i dont think it smells too bad, but there are times when i'm not sure if a smell is durian or garbage. i still have yet to try it. i share an apartment with another elder from my mtc group, and he tried durian for the first time yesterday. he said he almost threw up, so i dont know when i'll try it. haha.
the language is coming pretty well. i love to just talk to the people. they like to joke around a lot, so we have a lot of fun. i'm kind of worried i might come back less mature than i went out! haha just kidding.

so we've still been doing lots of contacting. we are meeting some good people. we met a family of five and they are pretty good. the wife only speaks iban and a little bit of malay, so it's kind of tough to communicate with her. but the husband was really excited to get a copy of the book of mormon. he seems to be able to understand most of it, so it's really exciting. hopefully they'll be baptized soon.

so before i talk about this next couple, i need to explain that many people here in kuching dont have transport and the public transport system leaves a lot to be desired, so the church has a van that goes around to pick people up. so we had these investigators who were going to go to church for the first time. we walked with them to an area where the van could pick them up. we saw the van approach, and then keep going by at full speed. that was a little saddening because needless to say, those investigators didnt come to church that sunday. but it was a cool experience because they were still so happy and said they still really wanted to go to church. we had taught them about trials in this life, and the husband was just like "i guess this is just another trial of our faith.' they are really awesome. so next week they will be coming. they are progressing well and they are just a fun couple to be around.
thanks for the picture of abby's party. i forgot to tell you there is a girl that we baptized back in october that really reminds me of abby. it's fun to be around that family as well. the people here are just really really great.
anyways, i'm sorry but i gotta go. thanks for the letter. i really appreciate all you do for me mom. take care of yourself and remember i love you.
love, elder hill

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