Tuesday, November 3, 2009

a candiless halloween

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From: Zachary Hill (zrhill@xxxxxxx.xxx)
Sent: Tue 11/03/09 7:51 PM
To: quiltingqueen57@xxxxxxx.xxx
hey mom. thanks for the letter. it's good to hear about the news from home. so we didnt
get any pumpkins here, but we did carve some watermelons. it was pretty sweet.
hopefully soon i'll be able to send you a pic of mine. we accidently left our pumpkins
outside for like a week and there was a swarm of insects flying around in there. pretty
scary! i couldnt find any candy tho, so unfortunately i had a healthy candiless
halloween. for shame, for shame! we are doing quite a bit of teaching. we also do a lot
of finding. finding new people every day. we have a mission goal for 10 new
investigators each week, which is 10 people who will accept a return appointment. so
we normally have plenty of people to teach. we have a good amount of appointments
fall through, but you know it will be pretty good when the people actually let you
come back. i love teaching so much. it's so fun just talking and getting to know
people. we just help them to understand about the message and answer their questions.
nothing better than that. i can't believe i used to be shy, because it's so easy to
go contacting now. i dont even get butterflies in my tummy. the language is going
pretty well. people are frequently surprised when i tell them i've only been in
malaysia for 2 months. but i know i'm still not that great. the are times when i
still struglle to understand what people are saying, but for the most part, i can
get in. i can even joke and have fun with the people now. it's so cool. the people
here are really funny. we have an investigator who jokes with us so much. he's
awesome. we've been working with him to get him to stop smoking. hopefully he and
his wife will be baptized at the end of this month. also, we've gotten a few other
families who are excited. they've expressed a willingness to come to church, which
is always good. i guess we'll see how it goes this sunday. there are a lot of people
that we are going to try to put on date for baptism this week. our mission president
tells us people should be put on date for baptism by the second lesson. it's really
cool to have mission wide goals because it pushed us to work really hard. it's hard,
but it's so fun, even when we get rained on all day. last week i told you it was
pretty dry, but it has rained every day after that. haha. it's fun to go through
huge puddles sometimes. the bugs here aren't too bad. there are lots of little tiny
jumpy spiders, but nothing too bad. the locals say the spiders here arent poisonous
like they are in america, so im not too worried. the biggest thing is mosquitos. i
get bitten every day. but i hardly notice it now. i think my blood is getting less
sweet. i havent really seen any cool fabric, but it's because the missionaries i
stay with like to stay at the apartment and watch movies on p day. sometime, i'll go
looking for you. we've watched narnia and herculese every week since ive been here.
it's nuts. but anyways, tell nyss and abby happy birth day for me. i'll talk to you
next week!
love, elder hill

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From: Zachary Hill (zrhill@xxxxxxx.xxx)
Sent: Tue 11/03/09 7:59 PM
To: wodenowl@xxxxxxx.xxx
hey dad.
i shouldve known you would carve a cylon in your pumpkin. so what do you tell the people when they ask about not using elder? i guess it's kind of like when everyone thought i was going to china, i mustve told people a hundred times that i wasnt going to china. haha. good times. how is everyone at church? my branch here is really cool. we have some memebers that are always so willing to help us and it's awesome. it really helps to get people to church when they have a friend. i telly you, missionary work is so fun. i love just going to everyone and talking to them. oh, also, the people in my branch started to call me "bukit garang" which means "fierce hill." garang can mean either fierce or quickly angered. they always tell me that i look "garang.' it's pretty funny. we all have nicknames since most people here cant pronounce our names. even mine they have trouble with. that's funny about your story with mom. they sure dont have panda express here, but they do have kfc. just thinking about it is making me hungry. there's not much on a chicken that's really too bad for me to eat anymore, although i'm not to fond of really any of the chickens organs. they just dont taste that good. how is school doing? how are the students? i hope all is well back home. know that i love you. talk to you next week.
love, elder hill

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