Tuesday, February 9, 2010

feb 8

Zachary Hill

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hey dad. how's it going? that's pretty cool that nyss got to go to the temple. i still remember whan we all went with richard, that was pretty sweet. quite a while ago now. that's pretty cool about the french club. do people actually try to speak french? i was surprized when i went with you and no one spoke french. crazy people. my french is pretty bad now. i couldnt even remember how to say merci the other day! it all comes out malay. i love malay tho. such a good language. i'm sorry about your fish tho. are they still alive? did you get your tank fixed? things are doing well here for me. i've been sick for the first time this past week, so that was pretty fun. all the people we saw kept trying to feed me medicine. that's just the way these people are. they're pretty good. there are lots of flats here. there are blocks with 80 doors, and there are blocks a-t. some dont have anyone in them, but there's still a ton of people. so one day we knocked an entire block. lucky blcok n. there were a few people who say they wouldnt even change churches if christ came down and told them to. what can you do with that? we mostly just thank them and leave. we got a good family out of that block tho, so we're excited for them. the husband actually comes home from work every day, so we're really hoping things work out. a mission is very exciting. so do you have any sweet experiences from your mission you'd like to share? anyways, im gonna skedaddle. take care dad.
love, elder hill

Zachary Hill

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hey ma. that's crazy about the weather over there. it's been pretty hot over here. i can't believe how hot it gets when the sun is out in the middle of the day. whew! sweat like it's no ones business. things here are good. unfortunately, it's quickly becoming chinese new year, and all our investigators are giving us the slip! just for a few weeks tho. but, they should be good for march. we're still picking up new investigators all the time, which is nice. i told dad about a family that we got, who seem pretty good. they havent been to church in years, which is good because then we have to fight less blind stubborness. the lady was excited to have us come over, because here daughters are not yet christian, so she wants us to teach them. little did she know, we'd teach her and her husband too. haha. what a sneak i am. we can always find people who are interested, never fear mom. there will always be people. some just take a lot of work. we've had this indonesian lasy we've been talking to, who is kind of crazy, but she seems pretty interested and always invites us over. she believes a lot of crazy things, but she could be a good member. so we're trying to get her to pray right now, even though all her friends are telling her that our church is apostate. we know if she prays sincerely, she'll get an answer and then we'll have something to work with. anyways, i'll tell you more next week. love you ma.
elder hill

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