Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hujan Panas

Zachary Hill

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hey dad
i just had a fever for like two days, but nothing bad. all the ibans here tell me it's because i went out in "hujan panas" which is when it rains and the sun is shining. they think that when it's like that, spirits come out and make people sick. we went to teach this lady the other day, and they were explaining some traditions the people have. if someone in the family dies, they believe that the spirit of that person comes by the house of their relatives during hujan panas. also, if a woman is pregnant, there are many things she cant do, like kill a chicken. after she has the baby, no one can go into the house besides family, and she has to keep herself warm. normally they put on warm clothes, turn the fans off and start a fire. i think i would die if i tried that in this weather! but i tell you, traditions like that make some fun people. just talking with these people is so fun sometimes. i havent had anything like your mission story just yet. maybe someday. but even if it's not as obvious as yours, i know the lord helps us. we just run into people sometimes who are really prepared to listen to us, and it's awesome. anyways, i'm sorry this is so short, but we've got an activity planned for today. we are going to visit some people whose ancesters were head hunters, and the still have the skulls. so hopefully i get a pic or two. anyways, take care dad. keep yourself healthy.
love, zac
ps. i do have one request. i know i shouldve listened to you before my mission and taken a picture of a girl with me, but i was young and stupid back then. anyways, i have come to see your wisdon, and was wondering if maybe you could email my prom pic with alex? that would be really good. i could just put it onto my memory card and take it to a picture store here and have it printed out so it wont take forever to come or cost you anything. thanks. later! :D

Zachary Hill

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hey ma.
that's pretty nuts that we have a new bishop. valentines day here was pretty lame too. i spent the whole day with a dude! but i survived it. it also happened to be a very special day here for a good portion of the people here in malaysia- chinese new year! gong xi fa cai! what a horrible holiday. bombs going off til like two in the morning at our chinese neighbors house. we did get invited to a few places tho. they fed us all kinds of goodies, like cuttle fish and squid. mmm. i'm not gonna lie, the dinner description you gave had me drooling. the people here all talk about how they couldnt live without rice, and that even if they ate a huge steak it wouldnt fil them up. theyre pretty nuts sometimes. all the people here also think that americans have never eaten rice. and that america is covered with ice all year round. i really see how silly stereo types are now that they are against me! haha. we have so much fun with it tho. people always tell me how cold me hometown is, so i play along and talk about how there's snow above my head. that sure freaks them out.

but so here, i'd like to explain a little bit about the people here. they have what's called a kampung, which is like their hometown. although they live away from kampung, their lives revolve around it, and they go back for any deaths, marriages, holidays, etc. even chinese new year i guess. most of the people who own businesses here are chinese, so they give long holidays for chinese new year. since the people have lots of time off, it's back to kampung. so a lot of our investigators gave us the slip. but it was good. it gave us time to knock a few flats and pick up new investigators. what joy!

yeah i was sick a bit last week. kind of feverish, but nothing to keep me at home. i went straight to bed after we got home two days in a row, but i feel in perfect health now. i had some medicine from america that i took, so no worries. if anything gets serious tho, they send us to singapore, because hospitals here are pretty silly. it's been a little tough to get some investigators to church, but you can tell the good ones because they come to church every week. we've got a member moving in from town, so that will move our active adult member total up to like 4. so hopefully we'll get some good member help soon. i never really realized how tough it was without member help until i didnt have any! but life is good here in malaysia. i love the people. they love us. we're gonna have more members soon, so we're excited for the future. march is sure lookin good! anyways, i'll keep you up to date with things that are going on. oh, so at iban kampungs, they live in a place called a long house, that has a bunch of doors in one building. so we're gonna go visit one of those today for p day because they have some skulls hanging from the head hunter days. i should have some cool pictures after that, so i'll send some your way. also, i got the pictures you sent me of the fam yesterday. thanks so much. you are the best ma! i gotta go.
love, elder hill

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