Tuesday, February 23, 2010

pic from sibu jaya

I'm sending these from gmail, because it's better. hope you enjoy!

Zachary Hill

to me
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hey dad. how's it going? life here is pretty good. that's a pretty funny story. i'm glad everything turned out. i find it almost always does. remember how stressed out i used to get? boy that was silly. it's funny to start growing up and to see how silly i was back then. i imagine i'll look back on my mission 10 years from now and think the same thing. attatched is a cool house accross one of the rivers when i was in kuching i hope you enjoy it. i'm going to send this right now, because if i try to attatch a lot of pictures, this thing gets all messed up and erases my email message. i'll try to figure something out as i go
love zac

hey mom and dad! so i'm just going to write quickly about how my week
was. we got back from miri on monday, where all the missionaries in
east malaysia met together and got to listen to elder russel m nelson
speak. we all got to shake his hand and everything. what an
experience. i was a little embarrassed because i had forgotten my
nametag, but luckily everything turned out all right. it was good. he
gave us advice on how to get to know people and how better to teach
them about the gospel on like a door contact. so hopefull more success
will follow.i dont have much time left after all those pictures, so i
hope you dont mind that this letter is kind of short. we've still been
having some good success here. we ran into a family, who said that
their cousin wants to learn. so we went to his house, and he turned
out to be like our best investigator. he's really smart, and he said
he had already tried 3 different churches looing for the right one. we
taught him about joseph smith and he seemed really interested. his
family seemed confused still (because they only really spoke iban and
not much malay) so he turns to them and explained all about joseph
smith in iban. what a champ! anyways, so we have high hopes for him. i
dont have time to talk about everyone we're teaching. just know that
things are going well, and i am really enjoying myself. tell everyone
i love them and i'll talk to you next week.
love, zac
p.s thanks for the picture. it should help a lot!


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