Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Picking Rice

Zac to me
show details 8:08 PM (2 hours ago)

hey what's going on dad
i sent that last email because i wasnt sure if the pictures had loaded
properly, but it looks like things turned out all right. so. thanks
for putting me on the census. that was pretty close. i cant believe my
war wolf lost. what a shame. i cant ever show my face at a french club
meeting again. i'm not gonna lie, i don't really even really remember
the engineering of that machine. maybe i could figure something out
when i get back. but anyways, so this week was way better. we have a
baptism coming up like i said in my email to mom. so we're looking
forward to that. we'll see how things go! so last week we helped a
family go and pick up their rice. that was a fun experience. the
pictures are of us picking it up. what funny people they are. i love
them. the white guy next to me in the pic is my comp. what a strange
man he is. cant even look at the camera properly. anyways, if you're
ever asked to give an update on me again, just let the people know i
am doing well and having fun. anyways, i should probably get. love you
dad. take care.
love, zac

Zachary Hill to me
show details 7:44 PM (2 hours ago)

hey ma
happy saint patty's day! wee! if only the people here celebrated it.
but it's all right that they dont. i still love them. i can't
believe it's already starting to warm up in vegas. winter's already
dyin. that's pretty sweet tho. i never did like the cold. so
basically when it comes to investigators, we've got some pretty
sweet ones. we've got a baptism coming up this saturday, so that
should be pretty sweet. it's a lady and her daughter. they are so
fun. and we found out she's already telling people about the church
the other day, so we should be getting referrals from her soon as
well. this past sunday, we only had 15 people at church. but that
was because none of our members showed up. so there was me and my
comp, one member, and two visitors from miri. the rest were all
investigators. so i feel things are going well. this upcoming week
we should have a lot more at church, so i'm pretty excited. the
work just keeps on going. that's exciting that you get to meet an
apostle. it was pretty sweet when we got to meet elder nelson here
in malaysia. he was talking about how the work here will flourish
in the future. it's pretty cool to be working to build up the
church in a place where it is still new. anyways, know that
everything is going well here and i am happy. talk to you later ma.

love, zac

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