Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A whole week with no rain


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hey dad
i didnt realize you had written me! what a pleasant surprize. yeah
mom's new glasses look nice. it's a good change. i'm sorry to hear
about your school. kids can be pretty stupid sometimes. we ride on the
bus sometimes when lots of school kids are heading home, and there are
plenty of kids that would be like that if they were in america.
sometimes, i just want to smack the kids here for being stupid. but
i'm a missionary now, and i cant. T_T

so what did you have your students give a presentation on? is it
french one, or which level? that sounds like a lot of fun. you always
try to convince people that you are really old, but i remember when i
was in school, i had plenty of teachers waay older than you. i'm sure
the students think it's funny tho.

yeah, i had heard about the earthquake from passing strangers, but
what i didnt hear about is when this alan character went to chile. but
luckily for me, malaysia is nice and safe from things like that.
things are going here just like normal. but it has been really super
hot for the past week or so. no rain. what is this? but i guess it's
something i'll have to get used to.

i told you and mom about pretty much my whole week in the last letter
i sent, so i'm sorry if you feel this is a little short. but, i guess
i'll talk a little more. we have this less active member who moved
from town out to sibu jaya, and we talked with her a little bit. for
some reason, she's been shy to meet us and doesnt want to talk, but we
recently met with her husband and he seems pretty interested in the
church. he read a bit from the book of mormon and said he wants to
follow it and go to church. so we'll see how that goes on sunday.
we're hoping that it will bring his wife back to chruch as well. it's
nice to know that the Lord is on our side. anyways, i gotta get outta
her. pday fun awaits! haha love you dad.
love, zac

Zachary Hill

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hey mom and dad
things are going really well here. well, about the pictures.. yes those are coconuts, and the man in the tree was a less active member that we visited one day when i was still in kuching. fresh cocnut's an interesting thing. but yeah, the picture of the river is off of one of the biggest bridges here in sibu. i'm not going to lie, i dread riding up it every time. but it gives a pretty nice view. maybe next time we're out there i'll take a pic of the bridge itself if i remember. it's huge.

a few times a week, we find ourselves on a bus for one thing or another. and it's nice, because there's usually people who are willing to talk, and it's usually how i found out about things that are going on in the world. most people are too shy to talk to us first, because they think we only speak english. but the other day, this random lady just started speaking to me in malay on the bus out of no where and asked if i had heard about the earthquake in chile. i told her i had a friend there. it's good to hear he's all right, but i would like to know, since when has there been a Filoteo boy in chile? i'm starting to think there are lots of things you guys neglect to tell me. and this is especially after dad's "nothing happened" email last week. it was pretty funny tho.

anyways, so i guess i'll tell you a little bit about my week. well, we were going to have a baptism this upcoming saturday, but then we found out our investigator is moving to a city called kota kinabalu in a malaysian state called sabah. luckily we have missionaries close to where he'll be living, so he should be baptized there next week. we've got some really good families that we have been working with. there's this one 21 year old kid who is pretty sweet. it's nice because he just understands the stuff that we teach him. we'll have to see how fast he can quit smoking before we can determine when he can be baptized, but we've set a goal for the end of march. i'm excited for him. also, we got a shop lot for church so we dont have to meet in a house any more. it's nice. over half of our attendance at church last week came from investigating families, so we're really excited. the work is starting to pick up. we've been working hard, but having a lot of fun too. a few days ago, we were on our way to go see someone and as we passed this block of apartments, we could see some crazy get together happening. and ibans, being the fun friendly people that they are, called us over. it happened to be the dinner after a wedding that had just happened. we only stayed for like 20 minutes, but that was enough time for them to feed us til it was hard to move, talk our ears off, and have us make fools of ourselves by trying to imitate one of their native dances. each of these flats have 4 floors with guard rails, and each floor was just packed with people watching. what a fun 20 minutes. and the best part is, now everyone knows my name. i can hardly go anywhere without people yelling out "hello, bukit!" also, among the foods i've tried this week are chicken head and dog. chicken head i'd rather not eat again, because they have you crunch through the skull and everything. (real men eat the beak) but dog was pretty delicious.

anyways, i'm glad to hear about your glasses. dont feel too bad about being 53. most women here who are 53 look like they are about 70. you look good. so, i should probably get. talk to you next week.
love, zac

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