Tuesday, March 9, 2010

still in Sibu Jaya

hey dad
that's pretty crazy about all your kidney stones. how in the world
does that happen? anyways, i'm glad you're doing all right. did you
have to take time off of
school for that? it's good that both the elders in chile are doing
well. i couldnt imagine anything like that happening to me. there arer
quite a bit of shoddy wood houses, so i imagine if there were ever an
earthquake here it'd be pretty bad. that's a cool story about the
people wanting to join the church. unfortunately i dont have any story
like that just yet. but the mission is going really well. this last
week i went on exchanges with the zone leaders. that was fun, but i'm
not a big fan of exchanges especially when it takes me out of my area.
you never know what's gonna happen while you're gone. plus you have to
explain why suddenly there's this new guy and it's just a mess. but
it was still fairly fun. i'm glad to be back in sibu jaya, but who
knows for how long? not me. i hope for a while. i'm not gonna lie, my
last week wasnt that spectacular, so i'm sorry if i dont have much to
say. i'm not exactly feeling the happiest i've ever felt. maybe in a
week or two i'll explain what i mean by that. but anyways, know that i
love you. i hope you feel better.
love, zac

hey ma.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! woo! what a fun time. i hope you got everything that you wanted. it's all right over here in malaysia. the foods pretty good. we dont get fed too often. there are a few people who like to feed us, but most of the time we just get crackers and juice. sometimes you get really weird juice flavors, like corn, yam and rose. luckily here i havent had to force down to much of the corn and yam. what a nightmare that is. but i'm not sure if i can eat the beak of a chicken head. the rest of the head is bad enough. the skin all on the skull just peels of and is so nasty. but the dog was pretty delicious. i'm telling you, you should try it. you might be surprised. that's crazy about john and his apartment. luckily it's pretty safe here. so are the missionaries pretty cool in the ward? it's weird for me to think about home ward missionaries now that i am a missionry. this week was a little hectic. we had a really good turn out at church, so that's really exciting. we'll have to wait and see on the baptisms. we're starting to get a lot of people who are close. i'll let you know how it goes. but i should probably get. love you mom.
love, zac

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