Wednesday, January 26, 2011

an interesting week

hey dad

thanks for everything you did and do for me. it was no big deal. i just had to put that i didnt attend institute, since i guess i never really did. i had no idea about the paying or the test thing. oh well. no use worrying about it now. hopefully i can still get into byu. if not, things will still work out.

so how was the week dad? how's school going? can you believe how fast time is flying? the school year is just ticking away. i remember when i was still in school time felt like it went so slow.

but man, the work is going so well here dad. i'm so pumped. we've just been getting lots of referrals, lots of peoples friends and they've been coming to church. we had 20 investigators at church last week. that was awesome. lots of people changing their lives to be more like christ. my companion and i have really been working at becoming better teachers and servants of the lord and it has really been paying off. plus it is really fun. i can see why you decided to become a teacher after the mission. my only fear is of getting transferred before all these people get baptized, but if that happens, everything will still be all right.

i love being here in malaysia. people are pretty crazy. i wish you guys could see it. maybe you'll just have to settle for my stories. anyways, gotta run. i love you dad. keep being awesome.

love, zac

hey mom

well, it's been an interesting week. my area has been dong really well. elder simon and i have been working well together to turn things around here, and the work has been taking off. so, everything is looking good for ah chai and shelly's baptism this saturday. i'll let you know how that goes. we're really excited. they are excited too.

well, somehow we've been finding lots of investigators that are just willing to come to church. our building was pretty full on sunday. enough to merit the comment of our second counsellor that went something like this "holy moly there's a lot of people here!" it was awesome. and then he told everyone to give us more referrals. so we talked to a few people after church and it seems like we should have some good referrals coming up in the next few weeks. just trying to figure out when we can meet them all.

we went to singapore this week for a visa run. visa runs used to take up 3 days, but they changed it to a one day thing. we'll see how that goes. but at least we only had to be out of our area one day. we'll have splits with some boys in the ward to make up for the time.

but the people here are awesome. next week katty and her family will be baptized, along with ramas and dickson. lots more to come. lots of people starting to be taught. i think its crazy as a missionary tho how we can balance everything somehow. all these people are pretty busy slaving their lives away with work, and somehow we can find the time to get them prepared for baptism. it taks a lot of work and a lot of thinking. i've never planned so much in my mission as i am planning now. i feel like i'm finally starting to understand how to do missionary work well. thining about my investigators more and planning more for them. it's awesome.

anyways, i'm sorry for what happened with desiree mom. please dont give up. if you can find a way to contact her again, encourage her to go to church, no matter what time it is. find a ward that fits with her schedule and go. it doesnt matter as long as she is going to church. that's what's important. plus, i'm sure there are plenty of opportunities for you yet to do missionary work mom. just keep your eye peeled and things will go well. if you have any fears or concerns, just email me and we'll talk.

anyways, i have to go soon. one last thing. you said you have a missionary in the ward from west malaysia? no one told me anything about him. where is he from? what's his name? what's his story? tell me everything you can, i'd love to hear it. also, what race is he?

anyways, another week of almost no email time.i guess i'll let you go and we'll chat next week. have a good one. i love you mom.

love, zac

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