Wednesday, January 12, 2011

now i know why we couldnt find a turkey for thanksgiving

hey dad

thanks for the link. i'm working on getting that done right now, so not much time to write. had an awesome week, and i'll be back to sibu for the weekend for mission tour. unfortunately we'll be missing church in our own area, so we're a little nervous at what will go on. had some battles with people getting antied but have been having awesome lessons with awesome investigators. getting lots of new people on date for baptism, so this month and next month should be pretty good. our next baptism is looking to be the 22nd, ah chai and shirley if you remember me ever talking about them. sister ing's son and daughter-in-law.

we've been working a lot more on following the spirit and improving our teaching, and i feel like i've come so far from when i left on my mission. just a lot more confident and better at relying on the lord. it's crazy in those situations when you are just unsure what to do how the Lord will give you inspiration. my companion and i have been working well together, and our area is doing well, which usually means i'll be getting transferred soon, so dont be surprised if that happens soon. no word yet, but still makes me nervous. i dont want to leave kuching. haha.

we had a pretty cool pday today. we went with the zone to a crocodile farm about 15km from our house. it was also a tiny (and i mean tiny) zoo. bears, some birds monitor lizards. they also had a turkey. i didnt realize people put those things in zoos, but now i know why we couldnt find one for thanksgiving. shame. got some pics, but the pcs here are still trash. been really busy with work and fun pdays, so ive been neglecting the pictures for you. i apologize and i'll try really hard to send some next week (via snail mail of course)

thanks again dad and i'll talk to you next week.
love, zac

hey mom

man everything i tell people here about my hometown is getting proven wrong. i guess i just dont remember very well. i tell people it doesnt rain, get cold or snow and i hear from various people that all those things have been happening. shame.

anyways, i gave dad kind of "stuff" email. i dont even remember what i wrote, but i'll tell you a bit about the people we've been teaching.

ah chai & shelly: son of a recent convert (sister ing) and his wife. they've been pretty tough to teach in the past, but we kept being persistent in teaching them and they have been coming to church. they should be interviewed for baptism this weekend, and hopefully baptized on the 22nd. i almost never thought they'd reach this point, seeing how tough they were in the beginning, but it's cool to have seen the change come over them. last week, ah chai prayed that God would protect him until he got baptized, which was pretty cool to hear as a missionary. fun couple.

katty's fam: we met them by contacting and they seem way awesome. katty is a single mother with 3 kids and way lonely. so she's been enjoying us bringing various people in the ward over to her house. she's been making some friends, and she told us she had really been missing church before we came. so she came to church last week. her son didnt which was sad, but he promised to come this week. her son and daughter are way smart. well, they really understand the things that we teach them and have good questions. i'm really excited to be teaching them. they all have said they believe God has already answered their prayers, and should be baptized next month.

jidy and serina: the younger brother of the second counsellor in the branch presidency. way awesome guy. really likes what we're teaching him. wants to join and said once he does, he will never leave. his older brother is awesome, so it's not a surprize he is too. jidy looks up to his older brother a lot, and actually quit coffee and tea before we met him because of his older brother's example. the wife is strong rc, so is a little tougher, but she's nice and seems to be coming around.

we've been getting lots of referrals from our recent convert, sister puras. one day she brought us to the market place to contact one, and while we were there, we got surounded by people asking us about us (since they saw us speaking malay with malaysians they got curious) and so we contacted a bunch of people all at once. more soap box preaching from elder hill. pretty fun experience. we actually had 3 people come to church the very next day after we contacted them which was unusual, but cool. maybe we'll have to bring members for contacting at the market more often. so we have two families that we're trying to meet with from puras, both of whom should be at church. but one got antied, so we're not too sure what is going on with her. she still seems happy to see us, has agreed to meet us tomorrow, and said she feels like god told her our church was true (and we didnt put those words in her mouth) so we'll just have to see how it goes tomorrow.
we'll be in sibu for the weekend, so we'll have to rely on the members to tell us which investigators we had come. anyways, i didnt even tell you close to all that happened throughout the week. some not so fun experiences of people not wanting to listen, and also awesome experiences of miracles. just too much to tell! anyways, i gotta run. i love you mom. dont forget to keep bringing desiree to church, even if it's tough at 9. talk to you next week

love, zac

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