Tuesday, January 18, 2011

well, it was pretty crazy

hey dad

how's it going? things are going pretty well here in malaysia. we had an awesome week. well, it was pretty crazy because I wasn't even in my area for church. we all went to sibu on saturday for mission tour. elder pratt from the seventy gave us a training. it was pretty good, but way stressful not being there at church with investigators. we had some people not show up, but for the most part, our investigators came. we've got a large group of people that we're teaching now, and they're like all progressing, so it's pretty awesome. we're way excited and the baptisms are on the way. ah chai had another set back. he has school on the day we scheduled him to be baptized, so we'll have to change his date to the 29th, so we're hoping that'll happen.

my application for byu is going well. the only thing i need is the transcript for institute. were you ever able to get ahold of the people or the transcript? once i get that, my application will be finished and hopefully all will go well. then i can relax. wee.

anyways, i dont have much time left. just got my essays done. sorry this is so short. it's good to hear from you. i'll let you know all about what's going on here next week.
love, zac

hey mom

i feel like the soap box is where i belong. i'm turning into one of those old preachers. i could probably give and hour long sermon! nah just kidding, but it is kind of fun to have a bunch of people crowd around and be interested in what you are saying. my mission has been so awesome so far. i really do wonder what the people here think of me tho. people really seem to enjoy lessons and the conversations we have, but i'm pretty sure i seem crazy to them. almost no one can believe when we show up to their house soaking wet. lately it's been happening a lot. and the people are like "whoa i thought you wouldnt show up since it's raining!" it makes them feel special that we would fihgt the rain to meet with them.

let's see, last week some other elders in the zone that share our same building had a baptism, so we brought some investigators. we had 7 come, and it was awesome. they were really excited about baptism after that. this one girl told us she couldnt wait. we brought katty's family and jidy's family.

katty has the two kids who are smart. they are bidayuh. theyve been asking questions that i've never heard other people ask. they actually think about what we are teaching them. so it's been pretty awesome. also, i was asking them about a few words in the bidayuh language, so they got a notebook and decided to make a hand made dictionary of bidayuh for me. so that was pretty sweet. they are awesome. it'll be sad to get transferred.

jidy's family is also doing well. everyone seems pretty excited about church, but jidy had some political function so they werent at church. i couldnt believe it. ive never heard of anyone in malaysia involved in politics, but i guess it happens. they invited us over to dinner last night, and it was delicious. they were really excited to have us over. i love this family so much. such nice and genuine people.

we also had quite a few other families come to church. we wont have a baptism this week, but in the next few weeks afterwards, we should have quite a few. and the best part, is our investigators are giving us referrals, so it looks like we're still just getting more people. sometimes it's stressful keeping everyone in order and making sure we'll be able to meet everyone, but it's good. anyways, gotta run. i'll talk to you more next week.

love, zac

ps, what's this with desiree? she's moving in with her dad? do you nkow anything else about her, like how she joined the church or about her story? just if you feel like next week you dont have anything to write, you could tell me about this. thanks a bunch mom.

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