Thursday, August 6, 2009

august 6th letter

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From: Zachary Hill (
Sent: Thu 8/06/09 6:56 AM
hey dad
how's it goin? when are you going to see adrienne? pretty soon right? yeah im sorry to
hear that you'll be goin back to school soon, but im not stayin here any longer than i
have to. plus, time is really flying by. every time i turn around another week has
gone past and it's p day again. so pretty soon ill be out in the field. i'm pretty
excited for it. we have a teacher who is from indonesia and he served in singapore
and malaysia, and he's pretty much the coolest guy ever so i'm hoping that most
people from singapore are like him. he just laughs at everything and likes to have
fun, and he says that malaysian people are like that. also, i hear people are really
nice over there, which i'm really excited about. and they are a really optimistic
people. when answering questions, instead of saying no, they answer "not yet." i
thought that was pretty sweet. also, i hear they don't really like to say no, which
is kinda tough for a missionary because it's harder to figure out if someone is
really interested in the message or not. but i hear the work over in east malaysia is
really moving. one of my teachers got a letter from one of his former students who
is in malaysia now and he had like 15 baptisms for his first month. also, since we've
got a teacher who served in malaysia we've been taught some malay words which is
really sweet. my teachers ar preppin me well, so im really excited to get out and do
work. anyways, i gotta go.
love you,
elder hll

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From: Zachary Hill (
Sent: Thu 8/06/09 6:50 AM
hey ma
how's it goin? not much goin on here. it's pretty much quiet round these parts. all the days are molding into one, which i guess is all right. we're on to teaching the third lesson in indonesian. it's pretty sweet. we have lots of activities to test our ability to teach to investigator's needs which is really helpful. we have 2 speak your language days a week now and they are so much better. i feel like we can say a pretty good amount which is sweet for only 5 weeks. we try to talk all the time, but there is still a good amount we dont know how to say. it kind of feels weird because we can talk about gospel topics, but there are some normal everyday things that i have no idea how to talk about. it's pretty weird but i love indonesian. and my mtc stay is flying by. on monday i'll only have 3 weeks left of it. richard tells me to enjoy because it's way different out in the field but it's kind of hard to enjoy the repetitive nature too much. having class all day does a number on my back. it's nothing nearly as bad as before, but every once in a while it hurts. i bought some stuff here at the mtc store so nothing gets too bad. but yeah, if nyssa doesnt tell you, i could use a replacement nozzle for my camelbak because my other one broke so i cant use it for water. but it's all good if you can't. oh yeah, so i saw taylin on his first day, but i haven't seen him since. when he got here, he didnt know anything about his schedule so when i asked him i didnt find anything about how i might see him later on. i did see john quite frequently. i saw him like 3 hours before he left, which was pretty sweet. lucky him. i cant wait to get out. but about him signing up to have me teach him, i dont know what that's all about. i havent heard anything about it exept from you. and i havent heard anything about being a host either. i think it would be pretty sweet. the host i had told me they started when he had been here 6 weeks, so maybe next week i'll be a host. that would be pretty sweet. ill keep you posted if anything comes up. oh and about it being the snacks that are making me gain weight, i dont think it is. i mean, have they ever made me gain weight before? it's most definitely the crazy food they have here. it packs on the pounds. there's an elder in my district who has already gained 15+ pounds. i weighed myself the other day and found out i'm at a solid 165 which means i lost a bit of weight. ive been hitting the weight machines and going jogging, so im hoping a little of my weight gain is muscle's pretty crazy that it's 106 over there. it's pretty darn cool here. well at least i think so. the other elders in my district always complain, but i think it's nice. a few days ago our a/c stopped working so everyone felt like they were dying, but i liked it haha. i think i was the only one who still slept with a blanket. it reminded me of those nice warm vegas nights. anyways, take care ma. i must be headin off.
love you,
elder hill

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