Thursday, August 13, 2009

emails from zac

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From: Zachary Hill (
Sent: Thu 8/13/09 7:31 AM
hey whats goin on dad. how have things been. yeah so i cant really make anything out
of that genesis chapter you sent me. haha. but i do have a special request for you.
could you send me periodically some lists of words in french so i can memorize some of
them too? i found a preach my gospel in french, and ive been reading that, but i'd
just like a little something extra to try to maintain my ability in french.. if that
would be all right i would appreciate it. but yesterday while i was hosting i got an
elder who was from montreal so it was pretty sweet. his parents were from france,
so i talked to him a bit, but yesterday was our syl day, so indonesian words kept
creeping in since we had spoken indonesian like the whole day. it takes me a few
minutes to switch in between languages, and it's pretty funny to see the look on
peole's faces when an indonesian word comes out while speaking french, or a french
word comes out while speaking indonesian. i love it. anyways, how are things going
for you? how are you feeling? how long are you staying in kentucky? im sure you're
on your way now, so good luck! let me know how everything goes when you get there
and how everything is going at home. anyways, i love you. talk to you later.

elder hill

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From: Zachary Hill (
Sent: Thu 8/13/09 7:22 AM
hey ma! how's it going? i'm sorry to hear about the flight time you had this morning. i hope everything went well. and i hope you're makin sure you take care of yourself. but yeah it is pretty crazy that summer's almost over. before you know it, i'll be in singapore! so pretty much everyday I learn stuff that makes me think that my mission is the best in the world. my teachers tell us stories about the people and how theyre so friendly and it really makes me excited to head out. also, we had a teacher who served in indonesia bring in pictures of all these sweet things and he said that indonesia looks pretty much the same as malaysia. it's so green! i cant believe how many plants there are everywhere. and there was some sweet architecture everywhere. he had sweet pictures of the mosques, and im pretty sure ill be able to get some really sweet pictures for you when i get there. it'll be so exciting. also, thanks for sending the replacement part for my camel back. i havent received it yet, but i'm so glad you sent it out to me. i really dont drink enough water throughout the day without that thing. also, the other day i had a tiny case of the sniffles, but im all better now. everyone else in my district has gotten sick except me. because of the swine flu scare, the branch president has people go to the hospital if they start feeling sick to get checked out, but i havent had to go. it's pretty sweet. so is my plaque cool? i hope so. oh that reminds me that i saw taylin whil i was bein a host elder. it was pretty cool but neither of us had a camera so we probably wont get a pic together. oh well. also, the host missionary thing was so sweet! coolest thing ive done here so far, besides the teaching of course. i got an elder from boise idaho which was pretty funny. he had a crazy accent tho that mede it hard to understand him. also, if you got any new elders this week in the ward, they were probably in my zone because we just had a group of elders leave for las vegas from my zone. pretty sweet. i hope everything is going well with you mom. take care and keep me informed on how you're doin.
love, elder hill

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