Thursday, August 27, 2009

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From: Zachary Hill (
Sent: Thu 8/27/09 7:27 AM
hey ma. hows it going. i'm not really feeling that up to email, but ill send you a
quick one. i thought i figured out a way around the time limit, but i ended up just
wasting time, so i'm a bit put off. i'll just send qhatever i was gonna say by snail
mail. oh speaking of mail, for dear elders, if you want to send me one, you're gonna
have to send it before noon on friday or i wont receive it. so from then on i'll just
have to email you. it's gettin pretty down to the wire, but it's pretty sweet. i'm so
excited to leave. every thing i hear about the mission is so sweet. so what's been
going on around home? that's pretty sweet that you got to go see a.n. is dad back at
school yet? well, before i leave, i'll tell you a bit about what's been going on. so
we've just been teaching a lot. we've been continuing our progressive investigator
project, and we have our main one committied for baptism. haha. i don't know how
realistic these scenerios are, but it's pretty sweet to get at least some experience
before i head out. i was sick for a bit, but i'm on the mend, so no worries. i had a
pretty bad cough for a while. everyone thought i was dying. but ever since i had
bronchitis i cough like crazy for a while after i get sick. but all is well. i'm
enjoying myself immensely. also, it's pretty sweet because every tuesday we have a
devotional where we normally get someone from the quorum of the 70, but this last
tuesday, Richard G. Scott came to speak to us. it was so awesome. he said that as
an apsotle he has the opportunity to bless people from time to time and then he
conferred the gift of tongues upon us so it will be easier for us to learn. as a
district, we had been praying for the gift of tongues for a while, and we realized
that that was an answer to our prayers. it was pretty sweet. anyways, i gotta go mom.
i love you and i'll send you a letter a bit later.
love, elder hill

From: Zachary Hill (
Sent: Thu 8/27/09 7:41 AM
salut papa. ça va ? j'ai pas beaucoup de temps, alors desolé pour les erreurs. mais je veux commencer a pratiquer français, car je l'ai oublié beaucoup. alors, est-ce que tu peux m'envoyer des lettres ecrit en français ? si c'est bien, je serais bien heureux. mais je suis toujours heureux de recevoir de lettres de toi. alors, si elle est ecrit en anglais, ça va. mais tu as commencé à travailler encore, n'est-ce pas ? comment ça va ? comment sont tes nouveux étudiants ? j'espère bien. je suis content de ne pas devoir aller à l'école, mais j'ai trouvé qu'il y a beaucoup plus de devoirs à l'mtc qu'à l'école. mais je l'aime bien car j'aime les langues et aussi l'evangile. nous avons des professeurs qui vennaient à la malaisie en mission, et ils nous ensignent le mots malaisie pour que nous pourrons parler mieux. j'ai hâte d'y aller pour pratiquer parler. si je te parle au téléphone, peut-être que je vais parler un peu pour te montrer comment elle marche. mais moi, je dois y aller alors.. je t'aime et je te parlerai plus tard.
oh j'ai presque oublié... les #s pour mon account ce sont: xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx. j'espère que ce sont ce que tu cherchait. mais alors... à plus tard
love, elder hill

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