Thursday, August 20, 2009

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From: Zachary Hill (
Sent: Thu 8/20/09 6:58 AM
hey ma! it's zac again. i'm just chillin here at the mtc like i normally do. it's
pretty sweet around here. so how are things with you? how was your trip to kentucky?
it's been a while since i heard from you. anyways, have you been getting anymore sweet
pics of your hummingbirds? i havent seen any around here. i guess it's too crowded at
the mtc for humming birds. there's lots of plantlife and flowers here tho. the
gardeners are pretty sweet. anyways, life is just going along. time has been going
really fast lately. it feels like my last preparation day was yesterday. but i'm really
excited. we have 11 more days of the mtc after today, so i'm almost out into the
real world. we should be getting our flight plans today, so i'll let you know how
that's going a little later on. we're all really excited. we've been trying to speak
in indonesian as much as we can lately to prepare, but it's still pretty scarey to
think about not being able to use english. it's crazy because we recently got
another teacher who served in singapore, so we've been learning more and more malay
words so it will be easier when we get over there. it's funny how many words are
different. so we speak indonesian with a handful of malay words. but the two
languages are really similar. it's just a difference of some vocabulary. my teacher
says the two are 75% the same, so that's pretty good. we've been teaching a lot so
we can be prepared for when we leave. ive had teaching appointments pretty much
everyday this week. and scheduled almost everyday until i leave. it's pretty sweet.
we still have the progressing investigator project, but one of our progressing
investigators brought a friend into the meeting. the friend i guess wanted to
disprove our message so we talked with him for a bit and now we are going to meet
with him today, so we turned our one investigator into two! it was pretty cool. the
investigators that we teach are just our teachers role playing. also, sometimes they
bring in pictures of people they met on their missions and discribe them to us, and
we have to plan and teach them. so we're always teaching. it's really fun. oh yeah,
we got to be host missionaries again. i hope next week as well. it is the coolest
thing to help new missionaries come into the mtc. i helped 4 elders and 2 sisters,
so i was really busy. most people only help 1 or 2, but my district volunteers for
special assignments, so we get to help the people who park across the street and
walk into the mtc. for some reason we get to help more than most people that way.
it's so cool. new missionaries are awesome. oh, did i tell you that my comp and i we
made zone leaders like a week and a half ago? basically we get to talk to the new
missionaries in our zone and give them a tour around the mtc. we talk to them about
a few things like the rules they have to follow and activities at the mtc. it's been
really fun. new missionaries are the best. also, i did receive the package, i forgot
to tell nyss. thanks so much for everything you do for me. i appreciate it so much.
tell everyone that i love them and say hi to everyone for me. my times about to run
out, so i'm gonna have to go. love you mom,
elder hill

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